f Five Hundred & Forty Six; -GC Weekend, NewPaperNewFace Road Hunting; East Coast Park


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Five Hundred & Forty Six; -GC Weekend, NewPaperNewFace Road Hunting; East Coast Park

June 4, 2013 / , ,

Because sometimes, all you gotta do,
is to hold on tight & believe.

I'm here to blog about my week.
Started my Thursday with a gym session
(Trying to flaunt some arm muscles)

Went for Song Kee Fishball KuayTeow

Loved it a lot!
The fishball & the taupok with the fishpaste were really tasty.
Very simple, traditional sauce that tasted so good.
Simplicity at its best, really.

Song Kee Fishball Kuayteow
75 Lorong 5 Toa Payoh
#01-354 Lorong 5 Toa Payoh Food Centre

Then........ I went to Toa Payoh Sports Hall to support my bestie.

Throughout our netball days together (Secondary & JC),
it has always been our dream to be able to play in the sports hall.
& now, my bestie is coaching her team there.
Words cannot express how proud I am for her.
Although it was just the M1 Schools Challenge & not the zone/national finals,
I was still really really proud of her. :)

With AhBei :)
Ahbei, thank you for taking care of ting all these while! :)

This woman, has a determination that is so impactful that she
influences me positively all the time.
"I really think both of us can make it big in our
own scope of work. Jiayou le 好朋友!",
she said.

Started my day right with a plate of really awesome wanton mee!!
The Charsiew was so well-marinated & the best thing was,
the charsiewtasted so good even though it was made with lean meat.
Yes, no fatty parts spotted!
The sauce was pretty shiok too.

51 MingFa Wanton Egg Noodle
209 Hougang Street 21
#01-64 Kovan Hougang Market and Food Centre

Headed off to filming next.
First day of filming for Gonna Make It (小小传奇).

Julie plays the role of  "苏小小"
As you can see from the name, she is our female lead of the show :)

Working with Jeffrey once again.
& he plays the role of “阿辉”,
who has an interesting character in the show.
Just look at his hairstyle! 

I'll be playing the role of 'Kate',
a hairstylist in a salon together with 阿辉 & Moon (played PeiFen)
& most importantly, our Shifu (played by Bryan Wong).
 That's all for now. stay tuned for the show!

Rushed off to Gushcloud Office for our monthly GC Weekends!

With Jolene, Audrey & Joanna (fellow Huishan!)

With Shanice!

Kim was there with us because 
we were all heading to a friend's birthday celebration afterwards.

 with Naomi & Eric!

Thankful for GC Weekends,
because of these monthly sessions,
I have the chance to chat more with the fellow bloggers,
whom I may not have the chance to talk to in real life,
besides the social media platforms.
You know, when I first met Eric,
I honestly do not really dare to talk to him.
Because I was afraid of offending him in a way.
hahahah. but hey!
Lemme tell you, he's a really nice & funny guy.
Most importantly, he is real.
You will never know what comes out from his mouth,
(as in the funny things he says, but he can say it so casually & normally)
he just ALWAYS makes us laugh.
I think we all like having him around! 

& also, Naomi.
If I have to describe her,
I'll probably use: "The Misunderstood One".
For the nasty comments I've heard,
I'll just say, you guys just don't know her well enough.
I don't know her well too,
but i'm pretty sure I've had more interactions with her than those strangers
who have not even met her before,
but just hate her based on her popularity online.
She may be young, but I think she is far more mature than many people of her age.

With Eunice!
Always glad to see her :)

Photo koped from Eunice!

 Ze bloggers who were present this time,
still missing quite a number of them!

Heading of to Mae's birthday celebration next!

Mae has officially turned 18!

Guess what?
She may have just turned 18,
but she is already the lady boss of Selcouth,
which sells both men & women apparels.
(Selcouth is located at Scape Underground, B15!)

Photo credits to Eunice

 Photo credits to Eunice

Gushcloud peeps!
Photo credits to Eunice

With Donna!

Kim & Eric.
Eric with his 'feeling' eyes.

with DingXuan!

Outft of the day: 
Featuring: Top from DIDD
(not launched yet though!)

New Paper New Face road hunting at Orchard Road!

10 Golden Tickets were given to allow the ladies/girls to go straight to Round 2!

The public audition will be held on 15th June, 2-6pm at Suntec Tropics Atrium.
So do come down & join us!
If it has always been your dream to be part of this,
then do come & give it a try.
Or perhaps, you have always been wanting to challenge yourself to try something new,
or perhaps you want to experience walking the runway in public.
Whatever it is, just try because you'll never know where it may take you to.
Remember, if you don't try, you miss all your chances.
You know what?
I tried once in 2009, & I did not make it to round 2.
I tried it for the second time in 2010, & made it to round 3/4.
& in 2012, at the age of 22 (turning 23), I gave it one last try.
I didn't hold much hopes at all,
but surprisingly, I made it to Top 20.
So yes, I'm now part of the Alumni :)

P.S Remember to 'Like' us on Facebook to follow up,
& you can still hashtag #tnpnewface13 to have a chance to
get your Golden Ticket!

East coast park with family & Kat's family.

These two kids are always so happy whenever they see each other.
They will hold hands, hug, kiss, 
& do their baby talks. 
Way too adorable & sweet!!

Kat's dog, Spirit.

Sometimes, it feels really good to just take a slow walk & enjoy the breeze.
It's like.. learning how to slow down the pace at times.
Very important to me..

The kids enjoyed themselves,
& laughed a lot.
That made Mummee smile,
& when we see them happy,
sis & I feel really happy too.
It's a cycle.
such precious moments that are.. irreplaceable.

Spirit scurried down to the waves to have a lil swim.

Artemisa saw Enting jiejie taking off her shoes to get rid of the sand,

& did the same.


See, I told you, 
they just couldnt stop showing their love for each other.
Such innocent & real actions..
Hanging out with these two lil' girls always give me valuable reminders!

I'll trade anything, for your health & happiness,
my love..

please be more kind to us. :)

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