f Five Hundred & Forty Two; Mothers' Day @ Ssikkek + behind-the-scene photos


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Five Hundred & Forty Two; Mothers' Day @ Ssikkek + behind-the-scene photos

May 17, 2013 /

Brought our love to Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ for Mothers' Day dinner this year :)
Sis & I were cracking our brains, thinking of where to bring her to.
& I thought tze char would be boring because we always go for tze char.
So when I saw someone eating Korean BBQ food on TV one day,
I randomly asked Mummee if she want to try that too,
& she said "yes!",  in her usual cheeky tone.
The very next day,
I called Ssikkek to make my reservation.
Never been there before & always wanted to try!
Went through quite a bit of trouble,
because although I managed to find out that the outlet at Novena Ville 
has shifted to United Square,
I didn't know that it wasn't opened yet.
So I made like at least 10 calls & received no answer at all,
which made me rather frustrated.
Eventually, I managed to find out after going through some posts posted by others
on their Facebook wall. Le sigh.
Managed to make a reservation at the outlet at Oriental Plaza.

The one who loves me the most,
& the one whom I love the most.

My strength, my pillar, my greatest source of motivation.
Can't express enough how much I love her,
& how important she is to me.
I know how people with the similar job nature
will usually keep their private lives low-profile,
& that includes their family & partners..
Hmmm but as what I've mentioned before,
I am never shy about expressing my love for my loved ones,
because I truly hope to remind people
to cherish their loved ones around them..

So anyways, back to topic.
Made a card for her, an annual affair. :)

Her health has always been my greatest concern,
but I know she would want me to do what I love most.
Because of her, I am more clear than ever,
to stay determined and strive even harder for my goals,
& to hopefully, allow her to retire by end of this year..

I don't know how she managed to pull through all these hardships 
for the past twenty plus years..
all for us.
I think the word "me" doesnt even exists in her dictionary..
Whatever she does, it's always for us, for the family.
Her love for is unconditional, & so great that..
I don't know how to describe it in words.
She's a true wonderwoman.

"You don't choose your family.
They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."

Check out my qtpie's expression.
HEHEHEHE lil' sunshine.

Anyways, the only picture I took of the food that night was......

Apparently, on weekends,
the time slots available are 6-8pm or 8-10pm.
So for the two hours, I was busy taking the food & cooking them.
So...... I totally forgot about taking photos of the restaurant/food.
All in all, the food was good.
We had so much meat that we told Mummee to not cook meat for a week at least,
& she nodded continuously to agree. hahahah.
Bill added up to approximately $113 for four adults (i.e about $28 per pax).
Felt that the price was reasonable.
Plus point: You can make reservation instead of having to join the long wait.

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ
291 New Bridge Road
#01-01 Oriental Plaza
Tel: 62256964

had a "mini celebration" for special friend's birthday two days ago.

Will blog about it when I receive the photos!
Meanwhile, here's a video of us,
credits to Melvin. hahah

Did a shoot recently, where the 5hours shoot was filled with lots of laughters,
+ crazy & random moments.

 &...... crazy idea by yours truly. hahahah

 Raw photo, unedited. Credits to: Gregory.

If you can let go, the past becomes a stepping stone that supports your future. 
If you can't, yesterday becomes today's burden. 

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