f Five Hundred & Forty Three; Family outing to the zoo!


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Five Hundred & Forty Three; Family outing to the zoo!

May 27, 2013 /

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo;
how 'bout you, you, you?
You can come too, too, too;
we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

Hahahah sorry, just had to type that song out. seems compulsory to me
to associate that song whenever I visit the zoo.

So yes! Headed to ze zoo with my family last Sunday,
because Sis managed to get the corporate pass from her company.
I...... actually forgot to bring my camera.
So all photos were taken with phone.
Look at this lil' princess.
She seemed like she can read the map right?

but in fact.......
she was using it to shield herself from the sun!!!!

cheeky her!
By the way, outfit of the day was
Le Fashionista Shift Dress from DIDD :)

Mummee was telling me about these birds,
& I gave her the -.- look,
& told her, "dont be lame mummy! those are fake."
until..... they started moving.
I was so certain they were statues.

Caught the elephant show!!

Since young, I've always loved elephants.
It was the first animal my dad taught me to draw..

Apparently, now, my niece likes elephants as well!
She is pretty much alike to me in many ways.

I really took a lot of photos of the elephants. 
& it always amazes me how they train the animals.

So we paid $5 for a basket of fruits to feed the elephants.

 Elephant lovers!

 Lunch was at...... KFC @ Kidz playground area.
If you are bringing a child there, do bring an extra set of clothes & towel,
so that they can play with the water slides & all!
We couldn't allow her to play because it was right after our meal..
wanted to let her play after touring,
by 3pm, she was tired & grumpy already. hahah


 Kids & their curiousity :')

  Proboscis Monkey aka "Long-nosed monkey"

This mischievous Orang Utan was PEEING & SHITTING onto the path!
Quite amusing to watch though.

These orang utans, are way too human-like.
Observed their actions for almost 5 minutes
& I felt a lil' freaked out by 'humanely' they are.

Chevrotain aka Mouse-deer

An injured butterfly :(

 "lepak one corner", literally. 
It's a Puma, by the way.

Spot the deer!

Rhinoceros, yes.

Honestly, I think we missed out on quite a bit of animals.
The lil' princess was tired & grumpy,
so we didn't cover the entire zoo.
Didn't even see the polar bears because the area was under renovation/maintenance.
& the animals that we saw..
some were just sleeping i.e the white tiger & lion.
No Kai Kai/Jia Jia because they are situated at the River Safari side..

But hey!
We took one with the mascots. 

Well, there is just something magical about carousel rides,

In any case, I think the next time 
I'll visit the zoo would prolly be at least 5 years later.
& I wonder what changes will there be by then.
& I do hope they will be some exciting changes..
because right now, the zoo does seems a lil' boring.
perhaps it's more 'happening' at River Safari.
Shall check that out soon! :)

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