f Five Hundred & Forty; SpringWave 2013!!!


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Five Hundred & Forty; SpringWave 2013!!!

May 8, 2013 /

Spring Wave 2013!

This event was held in Singapore for the first time,
I was so glad to be part of this experience!

& thanks to Tiger Beer & Gushcloud,
I brought along my bestie & another good friend along!

The event started at around 3pm,
& despite the killer weather,
the crowd was still so spontaneous.

A simple packing list when you attend an event like this:
-Picnic mat

As for the food & drinks, no worries at all,
because there were vendors selling them!

As you can see, many of them were well-prepared to brave through the weather!

Local singers like Olivia Ong, Ming Bridges, 
The Freshman (插班生 Cha Ban Sheng), Tay Kexin, 
performed their songs in the afternoon.
Gosh. How can anyone not melt at the sight of Olivia,
plus her sweet, dreamy & ear-pleasing voice!!

Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

Winners of the Singapore Entertainment Awards 
were also presented with their prizes that afternoon. 
Here are the results!

Album of the Year: William Wei’s Someone Is Waiting
Best Male Singer: Yoga Lin for Fictio
Best Female Singer: Lala Hsu for Ideal Life
Best Local Album: Ming Day by Ming Bridges
Best Local Singer: Ming Bridges for Ming Day
Most Popular Male Singer: Aska Yang
Most Popular Female Singer: Stefanie Sun
Most Popular Local Singer: Stefanie Sun
Most Popular Band: Mayday
Most Popular Group: S.H.E
Most Popular Regional Newcomer: Bai An

In the early evening,
Zhang Zheng Yue's appearance with his famous songs 
"思念是一种病" & "爱我别走" made the crowd went super enthusiastic!

Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

Together with his other popular songs & his latest song (唉唷喂呀) from an unreleased album,
he definitely captured all the attention & the hearts of the audience!
Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

The sky turned dark,
& the party continued!

Awesome companion.......... Chilled tiger beer for the night! :D
I didn't drive, so I could drink'
& so if you drive, please don't drink!

Cheer Chen's set was smoothing & relaxing.

Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

The moment Jam Hsiao appeared on stage,
you could hear the never-ending screams for him!
Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

He has this really strong stage presence,
which I was really impressed with.
It's no wonder the crowd got so excited upon his appearance!

I was so so impressed with him for his whole set.
That level of energy,
that connection with the audience,
that unique charisma.

Last but definitely not least,
we met Wu Bai in person thanks to the special arrangements made by Tiger Beer.

Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

He lived up to his "Rocker" title so well!
Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

Photo credits to: Tiger Beer 

I had fun at the event! 
& I can't wait for the next Spring Wave concert already!
Really glad that they brought it to Singapore for the first time,
& definitely looking forward to the next few ones over the years!!
Thank you Spring Wave 2013!!

Photo credits to: Desmond
Photo credits to: Desmond

Ending the post, with behind-the-scene photos of me taking photos for Xavier.

This is how unglam it can get.
Photo credits to: Desmond

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