f Five Hundred & Thirty Nine; Smoothie King + Recruit Diaries wrap party.


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Five Hundred & Thirty Nine; Smoothie King + Recruit Diaries wrap party.

May 7, 2013 / ,

Realized I've not been blogging regularly.
So here I am! :)

Just today, 
I met up with my dearie, Yilin, for a good healthy brunch.
We went to check out Smoothie King @ Somerset 313!

I really like how they state the amount of calories beside each dish/drink.
It does affects my choice, somehow.
Funny how Lin & I were saying

"This one higher in calories! Choose the other one!"

When..... it was just a 40 calories difference.

hahahah nevertheless, the food are generally all pretty healthy.
The wraps & salads are all below 400 calories. :)

So are the smoothies!
P.S We found out that you can redeem 1-for-1 smoothie simply by "Liking"
them on Facebook. (Smoothie King Singapore)
Don't say I never share ah!

We ordered the Honey Mustard Chicken Breast Salad

Grilled Barbeque Chicken Breast Wrap

& Angel Food + Blueberry Heaven for the drinks.
Blueberry Heaven was a lil' sour,
I liked it but i think most people will disagree.
Angel Food, which is their best seller, consists of Strawberry & Banana.
& yes, it's a combination that will not go wrong. 

We loved the food too!
Light, yet filling enough.
Definitely gonna visit the place again for another healthy meal :)


We've wrapped for The Recruit Diaries (阿兵新传)!
Had a wrap party @ downtown east :)

Ze boys (including one of our directors) were having fun being rock stars

& I wonder how many girls are gonna melt 
when they hear Shane sing & play the guitar in person.

Even our producer showcased his music talents!

dearest Hayley took this group shot with ze front camera.
pro or pro??

This is Long Min, our producer!

With Youpei (AD), Peiqi (PA), Jean

Plus Sandra & XiaoLing. ze fun-loving ladies! :)

It was my first time filming for a sitcom,
& I truly enjoyed the process :)
Had lotsa fun with this group of casts & crew,

especially...... JEREMY!
He knows how to make all of us laugh all the time!

The Recruit Diaries, coming to you in July.
Will post more photos at a later date :)

Meanwhile, been filming a few other productions.
Some are just small involvements,

but I had new experiences nevertheless :)

Met this cat after filming one night;
& I think his (I assumed) name is Tom.
Peeping Tom!!!!!!!!

Pretending to be Lion King.
hahhah pardon me, but I was really amused by it.

The best savior when filming under a merciless & scorching sun....... 

In my very first drama, he was my boyfriend, who dumped me. 
In my second drama, he was my husband, who dumped me. 
2 years later, we finally get to work tgt agn! this time, he act as my...... boyfriend! 
way too fated. 
there's a difference this time. he.. did not dump me! ✌

Stuntman, not an easy job yo!

I've finished reading this book.
Here is one excerpt from the book:


If you worry about what other people think of you, 
then you will have more confidence in their opinions than you have in your own. 
Poor is the man whose future depends on the opinions & permission of others. 
Remember this, if you are afraid of criticism, you will die doing nothing!

I'm so gonna blog about it soon!!!!!!! :)
That's all for now!

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