f Five Hundred & Forty Four; -[PLOG] Social Star Awards Red Carpet + Sensual Nails Spa + Food + random happenings


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Five Hundred & Forty Four; -[PLOG] Social Star Awards Red Carpet + Sensual Nails Spa + Food + random happenings

May 30, 2013 / , , ,

"When your day’s not perfect, it’s not a failure or a terrible loss. 
It’s just another day."
--Barbara Sher

If you can't convince yourself enough, go for some happy food.
Happy food works, almost all the time.
For me at least!

Well anyways, discovered this Churrosity @ Holland Village.
(It took over the Frolick stall)

The churros were pretty awesome (albeit being too sweet)!
(but then again, that was my second time having churros so I can't
really make comparisons.)

1. Met up with Snowy,
whom I've not seen for half a year.
Seriously..... she has toned down quite a lot.
hahahah no longer as crazy!
I blame it on school,
since she went back to school recently.

I'm honestly not a fan of superficial "meet-ups" at all,
so if I initiate to meet someone,
it means I really miss that person.
& yes, I missed this woman so!

2. Had a surprise birthday celebration for special friend, Mel.
It was all arranged by her far-away boyfriend, Jon,
together with her best friends.
Her classic surprised look when she saw me.

Queen for a day!

Will blog about her birthday when I get more pictures!  

3.Had my nails beautifully done by Sensual Nails Spa :)

I love this wallpaper design so much!
Told Pei Wen (the manicurist who always does my nails,
& she is awesomeee. Quick yet precise) i wanted a 4-leaf clover,
so she drew it on for me.
It was a lil' off from the flowers but I didn't really bother.

This was another set of nails done last month,
just in time for Star Awards show 2. 
Guess what?
The pink colour that you see here, was actually a normal polish.
Underneath that, was a layer of gelish nude coloured nail polish!
I had filming a few days after, so I told the lady boss my concern,
& this was the solution that they came out with.
So genius!
So after the star awards show,
I could remove the top layer (yes, with the blings)
with nail polish remover on my own.
Convenient much!
 Apparently, some air stewardness do that too.
Red gelish layer underneath, and then whatever colour/pattern they want 
on the top layer for their off days ;)

Quote "Shine" to get 10% off regular priced services!
Book your appointment with Sensual Nails Spa at 6259 0889

Blk 507 Bishan Street 11
#01-398 S570507
(near to Bishan Interchange/KOI Bubble Tea shop)

4. Dropped by Bird Friends Forever's official opening,
a shop opened by Ann & Jesseca.

Love the ambiance & design of the shop!
 Bags, notebooks, gifts..
Check it out @ 479 Joo Chiat Road #02-479 :)
You may bump into Ann/Jesseca if you are lucky!

5. Bought these Beancurd Tarts to try finally!!
AND HELLO, they are THAT awesome.
I really loved it.
The smooth texture plus the fact that it wasn't too sweet!!

LE Cafe Confectionery & Pastry.
264 Middle Road.

6. Finally started an Instagram account (www.instagram.com/findyourtreasure)
to sell off some preloved/brand new items.
Thank you for the support!
Have sold off quite a number of items so far.
Will update the account with more items soon!
If you are keen to feature your item,
email me at contact.findyourtreasure@gmail.com :)

7. Started my lessons at the salon for the upcoming production,
小小传奇 (Gonna Make It)

One of our cute APs, Youpei!

This is called.....
Act yi ge.

8. Thanks to Gushcloud,
I had a chance to walk the red carpet at Social Stars Award 2013.

Had my hair done at Salon Vim :)

Outfit by DIDD!

With Xavier & Naomi :)

Inception concept


super gorgeous Rebecca

Shane, looking as usual. (& slimmer each time I see him. hahahah)
this man, is very disciplined in his diet.
hardwork pays off aye!

Shu Ann!

Met dearest Sherena, who was there to watch the show.

 I didn't stay for the Social Stars Awards.
I left after red carpet, because.........
I rushed off to meet my new face ladies!

 Can't believe it has been almost a year since we first had our auditions!
By the way, as mentioned on Instagram:

"The New Paper New Face 2013 hunting begins!! 
Some of us (including myself!) will be out hunting along Orchard Road, 
on this coming Saturday 1st June from 1-2pm. 
Guess what? 
Each of us has a Golden Ticket 
which will allow you to go straight to Round 2!  
Stay tuned to more updates on our Facebook page 
I will also update on which part of Orchard Road we are at on my Twitter (@_shinekoh) 
on that day! 
honestly.. we (#tnpnf2012) are all really excited for the hunting!! 
See y'all this Sat!! 
P.S hashtag your best photo with #tnpnewface13
& we will look through the photos & you may be invited to the closed-door audition. GOODLUCK!! "

So yup, see y'all!!!

9. Visited Canopy @ Bishan Park with Le Buddy for brunch last Saturday.
 Hot Latte $5 (if I didn't remember wrongly)

I had Mushroom Burger, which came with the fries,
& the burger tasted pretty awesome!
Very satisfying even without meat patty.
Felt less sinful with the portobello mushroom in place of the meat patty.
The avocado + salad + sauce was a good combi as well.
I think this set was $14.

Egg Royale $13
Felt that this was pretty average.
 What is awesome about Canopy is.....
you can bring your pets in & dine with you!
(At the outdoor area)
We had a huge Golden Retriever over at the other table that day :)

Canopy Garden Dining 
Bishan Park II 
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 
Singapore 569931 

10. Nowadays, whenever I go to Bugis,
I'll definitely buy these egglets from Bugis Junction 
(Basement, the food area. Near to Yoshinoya)
Can't wait to try these in Hong Kong!
Yes, I'll be heading to Hong Kong in mid August!

11. Met them (Amelia & Xuan) for work recently,
so glad! :)

12. Shane grew his hair this long overnight!

 hhahah. nah, it was for his filming.
Met him at ze makeup unit & I couldnt help but to laugh.

13. yes, adrenaline rush dosage as usual! 

14. With Rachel  :)

15. Met up with Mandy & Kylie for lunch,
like a finally!

"About all you can do in life is be who you are. 
Some people will love you for you. 
Most will love you for what you can do for them, 
and some won't like you at all."--Rita Mae Brown

So yes, we were being who we are.
There is always a retarded side to all of us, no? ;)

That summed up my past 1-2 weeks.
Next post coming up: My lil sunshine's 4th birthday! :D

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