f Five Hundred & Forty Five; Kaitlyn turned 4!


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Five Hundred & Forty Five; Kaitlyn turned 4!

June 1, 2013 /

So my lil' sunshine has officially turned 4 years old!! :')

She had a celebration at her child-care;

& of course, another one at home! :)

Celebration at home, with all these dishes prepared by Mummee,
our wonderwoman :')

 so my sis told her to close her eyes & make a wish.
I don't think she knows what is a "wish",
but at least her actions were convincing. hahahha my qtpie!

Just last year,
she still didn't know how to say "cake".
She loves birthdays because it means there will be candles to blow.
Whenever any of us celebrates our birthday,
she will be excited.
Back then, she will describe "cake"
with the "blow candle + clap hands" actions.
Now, she has made so much progress,
albeit a lil' slower than some kids.
& we are all so so so happy to see all her improvements.. :')

Sometime this month, I taught her how to spell her Chinese name.
I actually taught her randomly, without the expectation
that she will be able to remember it.
I was so taken aback when she could actually remember the spelling
on the same night!
I was so so touched & happy!!

Earlier this year, she still could not speak much.
She could say some simple words,
but at the age of 3.5 years old,
she should have been able to talk much more.
Yes, we were all a lil' worried.
(read this.)
I know it's normal for some kids to be slower at this stage,
but we couldn't help but to feel worried.

things improved so much in the recent 3 months.
And she is still improving day by day.
just so so.. glad.
You would have known by now,
she's like half of my child;
she calls me Mama Ahyi,
because I wanted this special term :p

Look how much she has grown..

Her 喜怒哀乐 expressions when she was just 2 months old


Piggyback rides for her, even til date.

This was when she was afraid of the thunder,
& hid under my arms. photo snapped by sis :')

During my 21st!

This is how she bullies me!

My university convocation!

Training her to be a netball player like me since young!

her 喜怒哀乐 photo in 2012!

At her school performance :')

my qtpie!

I woke up to a surprise on her birthday.
She actually drew these stick figures!!!!!!!

I was really surprised because 
she has never done that before.
All these while,
I've taught her the alphabets & numbers,
taught her colouring,
taught her how to pronounce words.
But I've never taught her how to draw these!
I guess she learnt it in her child-care,
but she has never drawn that before to show us previously!!!
I shouted in excitement when I saw the drawings.

It was only a mini celebration this year,
because both my niece & bro-in-law contracted chicken pox in the recent month.
So...... some of my sis's friends,
especially the ones with kids didn't want to risk infecting it.

Her eyes, glued to the cake, as usual.

my two loves!

It's no wonder why my sis always says she resembles me......
check this out.
Le me (above) & le Kaitlyn (below);
our 'Cake Affair'.

My sunshine, always.

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