f Five Hundred & Thirty Seven; NellyPaper, lovingly crafted.


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Five Hundred & Thirty Seven; NellyPaper, lovingly crafted.

April 16, 2013 / ,

On 13th April, my bestie turned 24!

& yes, this was how crazy we were.
Having some cheap thrills at a void deck.
Well, that was 'N' years ago. 

11th year of friendship;
& I'm really thankful to have her in my life.
Throughout all these years,
she was almost always there during the times when I needed her the most.
Not just the sad or tough times,
she was there for me to share my happy times as well.
This gem, I'll wanna keep forever & always. :')

So........ for the past few years,
I never had a chance to make her a handmade card 
because her bday always happened near my exam period.

This year,
thanks to Nelly Paper,
I had no excuse to not make my bestie a handmade card!
Received the items on 12th April,
sacrificed my sleep hours before filming the next day,
& managed to make a card from scratch! :)

First of all,
NellyPaper is an online crafts store that sells various easy-to-use crafts.
Think: D-I-Y cards, scrapbook, notebook materials.
Their inspiration for the business comes from the fact that 
they believe that every creation is an individual mark of "heart-work",
and they want to provide beautiful yet economical materials for everyone
to create their own lovely creations for the ones whom they cherish.

Truth be told, 
I was initially skeptical of how crumpled the papers will be,
if they were mailed over.
But I guess, my worries were redundant because..

 NellyPaper has definitely thought of that,
& has precautions in place to prevent the papers from being damaged!
Bubble-wrapped envelopes, cardboard paper corners & big cardboard pieces
were used to ensure that the paper edges will not be crumpled,
and that the paper are all well-protected!

Very thoughtful.
Indeed, my materials all arrived in good conditions :)

Too many beautiful pieces!
& my favourite would have to be.....

Tessa Rose (SGD$1.10)

Love the glittery rose prints!!!!!

Flowery Bits Embellishment (SGD$3.50)

 So........ after some brainstorming & hardwork,
this was my final product! 

Could have been better if not for the fact 
that I had to rush a lil' because I had to
wake up in an hour's time for filming..
Nevertheless, I really love the materials received from NellyPaper! :)

Check out NellyPaper on Facebook,
& stand to win a cute pouch!

They will be launching a new collection tomorrow (17th April),
at 9pm!!
Meanwhile, you can check out their past collections here.

Facebook: NellyPaper

Take some time off your busy schedule,
to create a card for someone you love & cherish!
I'm sure it'll make their day :)

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