f Five Hundred & Thirty Four; protein + moisture + pH = healthy hair!


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Five Hundred & Thirty Four; protein + moisture + pH = healthy hair!

April 2, 2013 /

I've been with Salon Vim for half a year now,
& I'm grateful to be able to be a part of them. 
Have heard of Salon Vim before I joined,
& had always been amazed by their colouring techniques,
which honestly, is one of the best around that I've seen.
Glad to have my hair well taken care of by a trustable & reputable salon!
The salon is always packed with customers,
even on weekdays!
I made two trips recently,
to touch up on my hair colour
& to pamper my hair with the RedKen Chemistry treatment.

My previous Ash Brown with red highlights was awesome while it lasted
(& it received lotsa compliments!),
but because it has faded & seemed dry at the ends,
it had to be rescued.

This time, Lilian (my stylist) touched up the colour with Ruby Brown,
to touch up the roots & to cover the faded ends,
basically to even out the overall colour.
Had to choose a very similar colour to my previous one,
because I am still in the process of filming for a production,
so I couldnt change my hair colour!

Having my hair coloured by another lady,
because Lilian was busy with another customer.

Right after, I had my hair pampered with ze RedKen Chemistry (Color softness) treatment:

1. Extreme CAT helps to reconstruct the hair with protein
2. Shot Phix, PH Balance 3.5
3. Customization Shot Phase: Color Extend, Real Control, All Soft
4. Mythic Oil to keep the hair moisturized & nourished.

Steaming the hair (After Step 1,2,3)

In case you are wondering what is the pH balance for, 
read this:

"• The key to healthy hair and incomparable color results is the simple formula 
Healthy Hair = Protein + Moisture + pH. 
Very few hair colorists will ever strike this delicate balance 

because the products traditionally used are counterproductive to achieving this balance.

• The hair is comprised of 83% to 87% protein and only 3% moisture. 
Although a small percentage, the moisture in hair is very important. 

The only difference between the composition of hair and nails is the 3% moisture.

• Maintaining healthy hair is a function of pH. 
Because pH neutral is 7 and the hairs ideal isometric pH level is 4.5 – 5.5, 
hair pH levels should be regularly adjusted back to their slightly acidic isometric pH levels."

So here's the end result!

Just a huge difference!!!!!
Really smooth & healthy-looking hair :)

& approximately 3+ weeks later,
I headed back for another RedKen treatment,
to strengthen my hair.

This time, Lilian did a "Color Strength" treatment for me instead.
Basically, there is a chart which states the different mixture & amount of pump used,
specially catered to your hair needs at that moment,
to ensure that your hair is well-taken care.
For coloured hair, frizzy hair, distressed hair, etc.

On top of the treatment,
I also had my bangs trimmed.
& I was really lucky to have Gary (Salon Vim's founder/director)
to work his magic on my hair.

In order to make my hair appear slightly more volumized,
he did a slight layering on top,
& after spending some time on curling my hair,
this was the end result:

It looked so volumized!!!!!
Just the way I wished my hair would look like all the time!

Could never imagine my hair to have such volume & nice curls & layers!!!!!!
(P.S did not change the hair colour, it appeared brighter
because of the lighting & also the colour filter 
I used to allow the volume & curls to be more visible)

Two complete different looks,
straight vs curled,
which do you prefer? :D

Salon Vim
313 Orchard Road #04-07/08/09
 Singapore 238895 
Tel: 68847757/68847767 

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