f Five Hundred & Thirty Eight; --so these are my secrets.. for a healthy hair!


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Five Hundred & Thirty Eight; --so these are my secrets.. for a healthy hair!

April 27, 2013 / , ,

Finally had my hair dyed back to a darker tone!
My hairstylist, Lilian, gave me a Natural Concentrated Brown this time,
for a more sophisticated & healthier look.

My hair has faded to a light brown,
& I really wanted a darker colour this time,
due to one of my roles as a teacher in a kids drama.

& yes, as you can see,
the ends looked a lil' dry.......

So when you could imagine how glad I was,
when I was notified of the new Japanese Arimino PRIVY treatment at Salon Vim!
This treatment is specially targeted for dry & damaged hair.

I find it REALLY tough to take a nice photo of myself,
while having my hair dyed.
Like....... it always turns out of a wrong angle/unglam/etc :/

So anyways, after the hairdye,
I had my hair washed with the new Gentle Wash Pro Shampoo,
which helps to cleanse the scalp & hair,
& helps to keep the pH level in a certain range.

Next up, Enrich Serum was applied onto my hair.

The serum has high penetrability which ensures that it
seeps right into the inside to nourish & repair the hair,
& also helps to hold the moisture.

15 minutes later,
the Hold Cream was applied on.
There are two types for this.
1. Airy type (for fine hair)
2. Moist type (for normal hair)

The Airy type was used on my hair.

The hold cream helps to hold nourishment;
& protects the hair by creating a film on the surface,
giving it shine and a silky texture.

Steaming of hair next to enhance the treatment!

 &....... tadah!
The end-result?
An airy finish, 
with a SUPER SOFT & MOIST texture!!
sorry this photo turned out a blur tho...... :(

Soft & healthy-looking hair!
I really love the new look.
I looked more demure hor??
Thank you Lilian!!

I was so so satisfied with the new treatment!
Honestly, I was amazed.
In case you are wondering what is the difference between this new 
Japanese Arimino PRIVY treatment
& the Redken Cocktail treatment,
PRIVY focuses on nourishment while Cocktail focuses on protein strengthening.
So I guess, it really depends on the condition of your hair :)
But no worries on that, because here at Salon Vim,
the stylists will definitely analyze your hair condition
& make sure they are well-taken care of with the right treatments :)

Here's a really awesome news!
From 1st-31st May, enjoy 30% off treatments!
(Yes, both Redken & PRIVY treatment!!!!)
You MUST grab this chance to do the treatments,
especially if you have not tried before!

Salon Vim
313 Orchard Road #04-07/08/09
 Singapore 238895 
Tel: 68847757/68847767 

Quote "shinekoh" to get 10% off other services!

Speaking of hair care,
besides regular hair treatments at the salon,
I think it's really important to have basic hair care at home DAILY.
Hair serum, hair lotion, hair oil, hair mask........
I'm still in the midst of finding the best combination that is suited for me.

Thankful to have a chance to try this L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil.
I think I've found one suitable product for me!

This was my review made on the day of the launch,
right after I tried it on:

"The product proved me wrong the moment I tried it on my hair. 
Initially I was really skeptical but the fact that it didn’t feel too rich 
yet was very nourishing for the hair amazed me. 
I love the slight fragrance as well! 
I guess I’ve found the right product to protect my hair 
from the daily styling from work. 
Amazed and will definitely recommend to fellow ladies! 
P.S. Plus point that the bottle looks really pretty."

Yes, I was initially really skeptical about it.
"OIL? Not oily meh?
I already have a lil' oily scalp I don't want my whole head to be oily!"

Pumped two drops onto my palm,
rubbed them together to generate a slight heat
& then applied onto my hair.
Palms felt oily initially,
but the greasy feel was gone soon after.
As for the hair, the oil was quickly absorbed & there was no greasy feel at all!
We even testedwith an oil blotter.
Tested & proven.
Loved that lightweight feel.
Hair felt really soft & nourished,
with a healthy shine to it!

I've been using this ever since, for hair protection
before exposing it to heat (i.e straightener, haircurler).
& I also use it after showering for nourishment.
This oil is good in helping to smooth the dry ends,
but I guess, not so for taming frizzy hair.

Now available at Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, Fairprice & Giant,
at an affordable price of $23.90.

You can claim samples to try before purchasing it! :)

  1. Hi, may I ask what's the original price for the Arimino Privy Treatment?

  2. hello! it's $95-$160, before discount, depending on the length & density :) '