f Five Hundred & Thirty Two; Le Noir, the intimate side of cirque.


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Five Hundred & Thirty Two; Le Noir, the intimate side of cirque.

March 29, 2013 /

Photo credits to: Wilson 

Le Noir, Le Noir, Le Noir....
Been hearing about this from a few friends around me recently.
& boy, was I glad to receive an invitation from Gushcloud,
to catch this highly-raved cirque performance!

Le Noir @ Marina Bay Sands (Mastercard Theatre)

From setting up in Vegas, 
to their very first show in Tokyo (where they had a sold-out!)
& now in Singapore,
this intimate cirque style entertainment has a cast of 20 world-class performers,
of some who were previously from Cirque du Soleil.

The show lasted for approximately 2.5 hours, 
excluding a 20minutes break.
Hosted by an entertaining comedian 
(whom we thought is from France, but is actually from USA),
there were really non-stop laughters whenever he appeared.

One of the highlights of the cirque performances will have to be by these two guys,
Yani Kostov Stoyanov & Valeri Lyubchev Tsvetkov.

Don't know if it is just me,
but it was kinda tough to imagine such muscular & bulky guys being SO flexible.
This "balancing on head" stunt was a "WOW" for me..

(okay clearer photos from Base Entertainment Website)

Pardon me for the photos' quality. 
Took them with my phone because I assumed 
that no cameras are allowed..........
But then again, for a phone camera,
I think the photos are not that bad!
We were seated 5/6 rows in front of the stage,
the proximity was pretty close.
"Intimate side of circus", indeed.
We could even see all those popping veins on their arms,
& the well-defined muscles.

The other highlight would have to be by this guy,
Gediminas Pavlovicius.

I was already quite amazed when he was doing the Rolla Bolla stunt like this

& he eventually added more levels....

The way he balanced on it....

Basically, beside the special stunt performances,
Le Noir was good at attracting the attention of the crowd throughout,
with its brilliant use of colours, lights & outfits (sexaye hot bodies)
to portray the emotions,
alongside with the special effects off-stage.

All in all, amazing is an understatement.
How often do we get a chance to watch a cirque performance like this in Singapore?
It ends on 7th April,
so.... don't miss it!!

For more information, you can check out Base Entertainment's website:

More photos taken with the Gushcloud peeps (& their +1s):

With Sheena, our really awesome Gushcloud manager;
Julie & Xavier :)


Audrey, Tammy & bf;
Tammy's bf was called up on stage!
Photo credits to: Wilson 

 Audrey & Naomi;
Photo credits to: Wilson 

Checkered + Stripes,

le buddy!
Photo credits to: Wilson 

The Gushcloud peeps!
(missing Tyler, Reiee, & Freda!)
Photo credits to: Wilson 

Another one with Tyler in
Photo credits to: Tammy

With our +1s;
(& 1 photobomber spotted?!) 
Photo credits to: Tammy

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