f Five Hundred & Twenty Seven; Lunar New Year 2013!


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Five Hundred & Twenty Seven; Lunar New Year 2013!

March 7, 2013 / , ,

I know this is a lil' backdated,
I'm still going to blog about it anyways.
Lunar New Year 2013! :)

The very first reunion dinner of the year was at Ban Tong Seafood,
which was awesome.

on the eve of LNY's eve,
I had my second reunion dinner with J's relative.
What a spread! 
very homely feel to this,
& I loved it.

& on LNY's eve,
we headed to Aunt Mary's (my Ah Yi!) place,
for a huge reunion dinner,
with many many relatives.

As I was saying,

能夠這樣一家人坐在一起吃頓團圓飯,是件幸福的事。 \
while you are celebrating the festive & enjoying the reunion dinner, 
dont forget to remind yourself to cherish every single family member, 
& to spend more quality time with them. 
To be able to have the whole family sitting together for the reunion dinner, 
is a true blessing. "

On the very first day of LNY,
I woke up to Mummee's dessert,
something which I always look forward to on the first day of LNY!

This year,
I just wish that my whole family will be healthy, happy & safe.
Especially Mummee.
She has been so tired.. & she has aged a lot..

Outfit for day 1:

& the outfit totally matched my prettaye nails,
which received so many praises!!
Thank you Sensual Nails Spa!

The Year of Snake......
which is...
my zodiac!
& so I heard Snakes are not very lucky this year?
*crosses fingers*
Lady luck, please be kind to me.
2013 is an important year for me,
so please, bless me with all the luck
& I promise I will continue to work hard
or rather, work even harder!!

First stop: Grandma's!
Didn't manage to take a photo with her this year..

had countless servings of shrimp rolls.
& I'm craving for more right now.......
& pineapple tarts!!!!

Second stop was my Aunt Mary's place,
the place where all the relatives gather at during LNY,
second day of LNY especially.
(the same place where I had my reunion dinner on LNY Eve!)

First day of LNY is usually not very happening for me,
because my sis & bro-in-law would be in M'sia.

Popped by J's place :)

Day 2:

Precious photo with dad!
& yes! my princess (& sis & bro-in-law) came back to Spore on day 2,
for more visiting together.

Family, my greatest strength & also my greatest weakness.

#ootd for my lil' princess? ;p

On a random note,
I bought bubble tea,
& this was my queue number.
It's a good sign right?!
*own self say one*

First stop was Godbro's cozy place.

& our annual group photo :)

Was entertained by Zaizai throughout.
He is such a cutie!!

Last year, I took a video of him "baibai-ing"

Not easy to get him to sit still!
But he came to my laps suddenly & I just had to snap down photos with him ~.~

We were told that white is the lucky colour for snakes,
aka us. :D

& then, we went to the same 2 places which we went on Day 1.
Day 2 at Aunt Mary's was much more happening,
because all relatives were present!

40+ of us, in a 3 room flat,
for many years.
& the family keeps growing!! :) :)

So LNY is all about food, dogs & kids! 

adorable C doing some Gangnam style!
She is only less than 1.5yrs old,
but she is really smart & learns very fast!!

good hairstyle by her mummy. hahahh!

One of the new additions to the family.

He smiles a lot!
& they called him.....
as in the "yi tong" in mahjong.

I sang to him & he just kept smiling & sticking out his tongue.
aiyo too lovable!

dinner of LNY day 2 at ahyi's place is another thing that I look forward to.
The Ngoh Hiang especially!!! :D
& this year,
we had.........
Angry Bird.

Ended Day 2 tiredly, but happily :)

Kaitlyn likes J so much,
she always disturbs him/hugs him whenever she sees him.
Like when he comes over to my place,
she will purposely hug him when I tease her/say things like,
"kor kor is mine! why you hug him so tight!",
then she will intentionally hug him even tighter.

Day 3:
Made a half-day visit to Batam to visit one of J's relatives.

Cheap thrills.
Kept ourselves entertained.

Lunch was a spread.
The seafood soup (which I didn't capture in the shot apparently.....)
was da bombzzzz.

& then there was another night when we headed to GushCloud's office for....
GC weekend!

 Photo koped from lin

That pretty summed up my LNY for 2013!
Nothing really happening,
but definitely allowed me to feel the warmth from family & relatives.. :)
It reminded me to cherish these precious moments,
& also reminded me to visit my Grandma more often..

Why do we always wait til occasions like this to treasure our family even more?
Truth be told,
we will never know who may not be around for the next new year anymore..
Okay I really don't mean to sound negative!!!!
But I just really want to remind y'all to spend more time with your family members,
& also, to visit your grandparents more often whenever you can..
Even if you think you don't have much to talk to them about,
they will be really happy just to see you,
& have a meal together with you..

Ending this post with......
this cute mini mahjong set!

May we all have a blessed & smooth year ahead!! :)

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