f Five Hundred & Twenty Nine; Blackberry Z10 makes it better!


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Five Hundred & Twenty Nine; Blackberry Z10 makes it better!

March 14, 2013 /

I've been exploring my Blackberry Z10 for one week,
& now, I'm here to share what I know about this phone!
Except for one thing (which I'll tell later),
I've been loving my experience with this new phone!

I am certainly not a gadget expert,
but I would still like to share with you 
the Top 5 things that I like about this phone,
from a common user point of view:

1. Video - Story Maker
2. Camera - Time Shift
3. Blackberry Hub
4. Blackberry Remember
5. Display

1. Video - Story Maker 

Randomly tried this Story Maker,
& made a video in less than 3 minutes.

Making a video is now so easy!!
You can choose to upload photos or combine a few short videos
into one full video in less than a minute.

There 6 colour mode for you to choose from,
depending on the "feel" you want for your video.

As for the music,
you can choose any music in your library,
or you can use the sample music in the phone (like what i did).

Easy, chop, done!

you can then instantly upload the video to Youtube,
& other platforms to share with your friends!

This is really awesome for me because I can sometimes 
capture some behind-the-scenes during filming,
& upload the videos instantly without the need of my computer at all.
Video created in just a few swipes,

2. Camera - Timeshift 

With a 8.0 megapixel camera, 
I was pretty satisfied with the colour and contrast.
For BB 10, in order to focus on an object,
you actually have to tap & drag the reticle to where you want it to focus on,
before tapping on the screen (or press the side volume button) to snap the shot.
This is slightly more inconvenient & I needed some time to get used to it.

That aside, I found the timeshift concept really interesting.
What is time shift about?
Basically, it comes in handy when you take a group photo.
This astonishing camera feature captures moments before & after
you press the shutter,
to enable you to select the best shot.
You know how during group shots,
sometimes there would be 1 or 2 who blinked their eyes 
or not ready for the smile.
This feature helps to create the best group photo possible among all. 

3. Blackberry Remember

I love this app!
Helps a lot in organizing my stuff on-the-go.
It is a place to store my documents, tasks, notes, files, photos.
It is integrated right into the Blackberry Hub.
You can add voice notes, tags, attachments. 
Let me show you an example:

Created the different folders to store my documents

& inside each folder, this is how it looks like

For instance, I can download the attachments (i.e rundown schedules for filming)
sent to my emails,
save them & organize them neatly in the folders.
I know we can do this in the email itself by sorting out the folders,
but with the bad connections sometimes,
this is really much convenient.

 Besides, you can also add in your own notes.

I really like this app & it's really useful for work.

4. Blackberry Hub

This is not something new,
it is a platform that I've always liked back when I was using Blackberry 9700.
Hub aggregates all your connectivity into a single list.
From here, you can check your mails, texts, calls, 
& notifications from other social media platforms conveniently.
So you choose the important things to you
that you will want to check while on-the-go.

5. Display
With the 4.2 inch and healthy resolution of 1280 X 768, 
Blackberry Z10 indeed has a higher resolution than my other phone.
No "Home" button on this phone;
instead, a "swipe up" from the bottom works the same as the usual home button,
& is also the way to unlock the phone.

Applications can be minimised by swiping up,
which allows you to exit from the app.
You will then return to the main screen,
where you will see all the minimised apps.
This is something different from my current phone,
& I like this version of display.

In a nutshell

Comparisons with the other phones aside,
I think this Blackberry Z10 is definitely a huge jump from the last that they had. 
Well, yes it may not have Instagram YET,

but you can side load it and yes, I’m going to try that!
So this is that one thing that I mentioned at the start of the post ;p
All in all, everything about this phone is just so much faster
than what I last remembered about my Blackberry 9700.
Loading speed, typing speed..
Well, I am not a fan of "word suggestions" 
& do not use it at all for my previous phones,
but my experience with Blackberry Z10's word suggestions
has been really pleasant so far.
It is VERY useful in helping me to type much faster.
I like the efficiency of this phone,
& how useful it is in helping me to organize my work stuff,
& at the same time, stay connected on the social media platforms.
It is flexible enough to support both work and personal use for me,
so yes, it is definitely worthy of consideration!

  1. Side loading is a fairly easy task, and Instagram works quite well. Give it a try.