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Five Hundred & Twenty Eight; 20% off ANY leopard print designs!

March 10, 2013 / , , ,

Happy toes alert!!
Last week, I made my second visit to Sensual Nails Spa.
This time, I went for two services:

First time for both, & especially shy for the latter. 
*inserts shy emoticon*

Lemme share with you my pedicure experience first!
(It was my second time doing a pedicure,
but first time doing Gelish for my toes.)


This pill helped to soften the dead skin & cuticles.
So I soaked my feet into the blue warm water.

Filing & shaping of my toe nails next.

The lady boss noticed that my nails,
(which I anyhow painted few days ago for a last minute casting)
suggested me to remove that & 
gave me a quick painting instead.
HAHHAHA i think it was because my nails were terribly painted,
& she couldnt bear seeing it (professionalism yo!) :P

Nude colour FTW.
I had to paint them nude for filming purposes!

Okay back to the toes.

Since this was only my second time doing pedicure,
(first was in.... 2009?)
I was afraid the pedicurist (Peiwen) would faint from seeing the amount dead skin/cuticles I had.
Apparently, she said the cuticles were really a lot,
as for the dead skin, still acceptable.

I hope I didn't gross you out with this photo!! 
Just wanted to show y'all what I meant........

Scrubbing was next.

A lil' ticklish for me,
but it felt REALLY good after seeing those dead skin being removed.
I have cracked heels, & after this scrubbing,
my heels were smooth again,& those thick skin under the heels were also removed. :D

This green thingy that you see,
helped in exfoliating.
Legs felt very smooth after massaging them with it.

Painting time!
I wanted leopard prints,
& so we decided to go with a light glittery base,
so that the colourful prints could stand out more.

The making of the colourful happy toes......

Peiwen was so professional & meticulous with the painting.
I was surprised that she could draw 3 very neat "spots" on my smallest toes.
Very very neat work from her.
Stable hands!
Look for her if you visit! I really liked her service.

& here's the result!!

Happy toes, happy feet!!

Gelish nails lasts for at least 3-4 weeks,
& the fact that toe nails usually grow slower than our finger nails,
I think it's really worth it.
The prettaye nail art design will last for a longer time!
(good thing about choose a light coloured base:
When my nails grow,
the difference between the painted and non-painted area 
will not be as obvious.)

I know most of us usually pamper our fingernails more than our toes nails,
but please don't neglect your feet!
Occasional pedicure sessions would be good.
Smoooooth feet & healthy toes!


My virgin brazilian waxing experience.
Yes, Sensual Nails Spa provides waxing services (& eyebrow trimming as well!)
So ladies, if you are looking for a pampering session,
this is your one-stop location!

The waxing session took place in a small but very cozy room.
  Truth be told, 
I was VERY nervous about this session.
Very shy leh............
I honestly think I blushed.

I gotta admit that the lady who did the treatment for me 
made me feel at ease soon after the treatment began.
She is the manager of Sensual Nails Spa,
& her name is Shino.

Like many of you (I assumed :p),
I was afraid of the pain level.
It seemed so scary at first,
but I can assure you, 
the pain level was totally tolerable!!!

& Shino was very good at distracting.
During the waxing procedure,
she was talking & explaining to me throughout,
& that really helped.
Seriously, it really ain't that scary at all!
*phew, relieved*
I observed her actions & I could see she was really professional & experienced.
No surprise when I found out that 
there are many customers who return monthly for their sessions with her.
After this virgin experience,
 I'm definitely going back for the sessions monthly!

Thank you Sensual Nails Spa, 
for such pleasant experiences each time I visit! :)
With Elaine & her Mum aka Lady Boss! :)


Yes! For every nail package signed,
Sensual Nails Spa is rewarding you with THREE waxing services! 


You can vary the colours of the leopard prints to your preference!
Here are some for your reference:

Designs credit to: Sensual Nails Spa & Google

They are really a lot of variations to the leopard print designs :)

Make your appointment(s) with them now! :)

Address: Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(3 minutes walk from Bishan Interchange)
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 20:30; Sat - Sun: 10:30 - 19:00
Hotline: 6259 0889

P.S All photos were taken with Blackberry Z10!
Really loving the quality of the photos taken with its camera.
Will explore the phone more & share with y'all soon :)

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