f Five Hundred & Thirty One; To give up? or to keep going?


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Five Hundred & Thirty One; To give up? or to keep going?

March 22, 2013 /

since i couldnt fall asleep, i might as well do a quick blogpost.

well, we all have dreams, passion, goals, ambitions. at some point of time, we may be really motivated to go all the way to chase after what we want. if we are lucky, we get to reach them after all the hardwork and/or luck.  if we are not, eventually, we will reach the tension point.. of whether to give up, or to keep trying. most of the times, people give up because they think their efforts have been futile.

but hey, before you give up, here are three questions that you can consider:

1. Why did you want to pursue this goal to begin with? Has anything changed?

You must have believed that you can reach your goal, which was why you worked towards and commited to it. Along the way, you will definitely face difficulties & frustrations; but should these deter you from what you believed in initially? Even when you are about to give up, I'm pretty sure you still want to achieve it badly, but you just start doubting yourself. Yes, circumstances may have changed. Perhaps what you have been doing may not be working due to the changes, and you are tired from trying, but is there more that you can do to keep going? 

If you push through this difficult time, is it going to be worth it? 

2. What is the worst that will happen if you keep going yet you don’t reach your goal?

Even if you fail eventually, is it going to be a loss? Most prolly not.. As cliche as it sounds, but through the process of striving, you will definitely grow & attain new knowledge about yourself, your surrounding or the people around you. You will definitely learn, whether you attain your goal or you fail. Loss? No i don't think so.. You will gain invaluable experiences that will help you build your success for the next chapter of your life. A gain even through failure, that is.

If you give up now, you will never know how far you could have gone; you'll miss out on becoming a stronger person that you could have become from the process of striving. 

"If you don't try, you miss all your chances." the quote which i came up with back in JC days, & still strongly believe in til date. It serves as a reminder for myself, all the time. & I hope it can help you too.

3. Would your life be better if you keep going or would it be better if you give up & move on to something else?

Would that something else be a better option for you or would that be just a "next best alternative"? Think carefully, find out if the goal is still something that you really want or were you blindly chasing after it w/o realizing that attaining it may not make your life any better? Would you be looking back and be filled with regrets for giving up on this, or do you sincerely feel that it's really time to give this up? Has things changed such that it is now better for you to give this up? Is it possible to walk away from it now & start afresh on another goal?

The bottomline is, is the struggle now worth it? 

If after going through these 3 questions & you feel that yes, it's time to give this up, then go ahead. It takes courage to give up on something that you've been working so hard on, but hey, this is not the end. It is okay to abandon it. Close this chapter, & start afresh. No, time was not wasted on that chapter;  gather the things you have learned from it & put them to good use on your next chapter. 

If you still have doubts about giving up, then don't. Keep going, keep working towards your goal, keep that passion burning strong & don't let it die down. Try looking at it from another perspective & use other approaches if needed. Try & try & try til you achieve it. Get help if you need, dare to ask. Ask your family, close friends, mentors/seniors for guidance & assistance, because alternative voices can give you new enlightenment. Encouragements & motivations may also come along the way from them, just when you needed them, & those will really push you to go even further. 
Don't give yourself a chance to say this with regrets one day, that "I gave up, because I was uncertain."
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming~~" 
--Finding Nemo

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