f Five Hundred & Thirty; Cruelty-Free Beauty, would you do your part?


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Five Hundred & Thirty; Cruelty-Free Beauty, would you do your part?

March 19, 2013 /

I'm here to share a piece of awesome news!

On 11 March, The European Union has officially banned 
 Animal Testing for cosmetics.
After TWENTY years of campaigning against Animal Testing,
It's a small yet big step at the same time,
& hopefully, this will be a good influence for many others out there.

& to celebrate this Cruelty Free Beauty campaign,
The Body Shop Singapore had a Madhatters party! 

Photo credits to The Body Shop Singapore

we were all welcomed with these sweet delights!

Attended the event with Hayley :)

& made a new friend aka one of the models for the day aka Irina!

Having some cheapthrills at the photobooth

with Shu An, the host for the day!

These cruelty-free range of items definitely caught my attention!

& these...... are the special Leona Lewis collection. 
Photo credits to The Body Shop Singapore

Leona Lewis? 
Why is she linked to this campaign?
Well, basically.........

Photo credits to The Body Shop Singapore

Yes! She is the ambassador for this Cruelty Free Beauty campaign,
& she has worked with The Body Shop team,
to come up with her own makeup range.
The collection looked really awesome.

There was a live demonstration on two models,
of how to work with the new range of products.

& gosh, the eyeshadow colours were so vibrant & beautiful,
they attracted us immediately!

 Photo credits to The Body Shop Singapore

Photo credits to The Body Shop Singapore

If you can opt for cosmetic products that are cruelty-free,
yet get the same or perhaps even better quality,
why not?!
At least I know that my products from The Body Shop,
are definitely cruelty free,
because they do not test their products on animals.
& I'm really proud of this policy that they have!

Do you know that over 80% of countries across the world 
continue to allow animal testing for cosmetics 
despite the existence of safe and humane alternatives??

I teared when I saw this video..
P.S some disturbing images, you have been warned.

I don't mean to sound like I'm preaching, but really,
save the poor animals..
Do they deserve such cruelty? 

If there are other ways to test the products,
why should we continue to subject these innocent animals to the pain & suffering?

You may think your action to choose a cruelty-free product 
during your next shopping trip, is merely a small act,
but, every lil' effort can help to spread the words 
& make this campaign a successful one,

in many other countries,
& hopefully one fine day, 
worldwide, eventually..
Because we are aiming, for a Global Ban.
The outcome will be rewarding,
with your lil' effort.

Check out this video, 
& let us explain to you, how you can help.

Definitely glad to be involved in the video :) 

 Photo credits to The Body Shop Singapore

Sign the pledge here!!

I have signed the pledge, will you do your part as well? :)

Check out The Body Shop Singapore for more updates
on the Cruelty Free Beauty campaign,
& join us in making this campaign a successful one! :)

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