f Five Hundred & Twenty Two: My buddy, my soulmate. *ULTRA long story alert!*


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Five Hundred & Twenty Two: My buddy, my soulmate. *ULTRA long story alert!*

March 21, 2013 / ,

Last week was an awesome week,
with all the celebrations :)

Besides CNY, 
It was my first ever V'day with le buddy, in 14+ years.
Today, I am finally sharing with y'all how we began our story. :')

Before I began on the story, here's how we spent the vday:

So on V'day, I woke up to this surprise:

Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict made from scratch!
Touched beyond words.. :')

It looked good, & it tasted pretty awesome too!!
For a first-timer,
it was in fact a huge success! ~.~
He mentioned he wasted quite a number of eggs though,
while trying to perfect the poached egg
& the sauce.
sounds like a plan to request that he cook this again next time :D

I told him that I don't want him to waste his money on a bouquet of flowers,
but he still got me a stalk, nonetheless.

I drew him a card, & bought him a car charger device. 
Couldnt bake him something because I have yet to buy a new oven!

Headed to MBS in the early evening,
because we had a complimentary room stay.
So..... it was a staycation for us!

dinner was at Nantsuttei @ Millenia Walk!

First visit for me.

From what I know, Nantsuttei is known for it's garlic oil.
As seen from the pictures, you can see 
a generous amount of garlic oil on the top layer.
The soup was REALLY RICH & flavorful,
an unique blend of the garlic oil with the pork broth.
Make sure your stomach can handle the richness (& oiliness!)
Sinful, yet very worth the calories.

You can ask for garlic,
& they will give you a tool to "crush" the garlic,
to add them into your ramen.
J mentioned they used to provide for all tables,
but now you have to ask for it.

Dragon Ramen for J, $15

 Chashu-men for me $16

The ramen?
Right texture;
springy and not overcooked.
Goes really well with the soup.
Chashu was average, while tamago was nicely done.
The soup was a lil' too salty for me though.
I truly enjoyed the first half of my bowl,
& was savouring every bit of it;
but towards the end,
I felt that my soup had a lil' bit of burnt taste.
Was it supposed to be like this?
it was a huge bowl of ramen,
& very satisfying indeed.
Happy belly, belly happy.

I tried J's Dragon Ramen,
& I loved it!!
Love the spicy kick to it.
Will order that the next time!

Yude Won-tan $6

As for the wonton, we loved the thin skin with the tasty pork fillings,
& the special light sauce blended well.
Some of the wonton skin separated from the meat 
before we could pick them up with 
the spoon though :O
I loved the wontons nonetheless.

We really enjoyed our dinner
(especially since having a bowl of ramen when it was raining
was a super shiokkkkkk thing to do)

Ramen Nantsuttei
Millenia Walk #03-02
On the 3F of PARCO  Marina Bay .
(9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596)

Tel: (65) 6337 7166 

headed back to the hotel,
watched some TV, 
rested a while,
& headed to the gym at 9pm!
We have been wanting to check out the gym!

& gosh, we were truly in love with the gym.

so spacious, 
& the machines/equipments were awesome.
it was like heaven to us!

*crossed my fingers for a chance to head to the gym again soon!*

So yup, that's basically our simple Vday date! :)


& now, le story...
here's a quick summary.,

So yes, we knew each other since we were Primary 3.

Back then, we liked each other,
but it was just those kind of kids likings' for each other.
& our classmates used to tease us alot.

You know how writing autograph book was an "IN" thing?
*Coughs* Admirer: Yes, one in 6E. 
*coughs* that's.. me :p

He "confessed" to me over SMS,
that he liked me,
& I replied that I liked him too.
But of course, nothing happened la.
Primary 6 only.

Sometime in the later part of P6, 
we had a small silly conflict.
So after PSLE,
we didnt update each other our choices for the secondary schools.
Ended up in different secondary schools.
Kind of lost contact..

& then some day, we started chatting on MSN again.
& of course, Friendster was the "IN" thing,
for us to stalk each other. hahahah!
It didnt take us long to catch up on what we were missing on each other's life.
It's amazing;
amazing how he knew me so well 
even though we did not meet up at all 
during our secondary school life.
He was there, as my buddy all along.
We started chatting even more in JC,
& during his army days.

Who would have know that this conversation..
turned out to be a real thing many years later? 
& here's a recent photo of Winter:

We started meeting up, mainly during Primary school gatherings.

I attended his Commission Ball in 2009.
Don't laugh too hard,
but this was how we looked like:

tanlines, #NotAcceptable

but anyways, that was the period when I just broke off from a relationship,
which took me almost a year to recover from.

We continued chatting on MSN,
& he still knew me very well albeit us meeting up only like once/twice a year.

& sometime in 2010, we.. almost got together.
I guess we both knew that the connection was strongly there..
But, we didn't.

There was a period of time,
I think at least half a year when we didn't contact at all..
We were both attached then.
So I guess, we were both trying to get on with our lives,
and to maintain a healthy distance.
It was pure platonic friendship by then,
but I guess we automatically maintained that distance,
to not create any misunderstandings with our partners.

After some time, we started chatting again.
We remained in contact,
but this time, we chatted lesser.
The buddy-ship remained,
no matter how rarely we meet up/chatted.
& it always felt good whenever I met up with him,
like once/twice a year just for a simple meal.

Towards the second half of last year, 
we met up more often. 

He came alone, to support me for my New Face Finals.
 P.S This was the only photo we took that night,
and we both looked quite cui.
So.. this was the best filter I thought.

We were both single by then.
But back then, I was still very certain that this man,
will be my best guy friend, my buddy always.
My close friends were asking if there was a chance
for us to be together,
& I always replied with "Nope!", with certainty.
I told my bestie,
I can't imagine kissing my best guy friend. ;p

I thought of how we almost got together back didn't;
we've chatted about how it could have been 2+ years ago,
& how we've missed it..
There were some regrets for us both,
but regrets aside, I thought that was perhaps a good decision made,
& we should keep it that way..
I didn't want to allow any romance to come between us,
because if our relationship fails,
I would probably lose him as a friend.
I didn't want to take that risk at all.
Not that I "friend-zoned" him totally,
but I really couldn't bear to lose someone,
who is so important to me.

*inserts Jason Chen's Best Friend song*

So when he confessed to me via text,
I brushed him aside by saying he was drunk,
& told him to get some sleep.
hahahah best excuse.
The next day, we laughed it off.
I guess he was hurt but he understood.

Then, he flew overseas for almost a month of travel.
When he came back, we started meeting up again.
No awkwardness, & it was back to the Buddies_for_life kinda thing.

All these years,
throughout my ups & downs,
he was there as my buddy.
Even through my failed relationships,
he has never been there to say things like,
"get together with me, I'll treat you well." 
He was just there as my buddy to lend me a listening ear.

So one day,
he plucked up his courage & asked me in person.

He asked if he could be a part of my life
(not that he aint already...... 
but he meant to bring our buddyship to another level..)
I told him straight that I wasn't ready for another r/s.
We kept quiet for some time.
& then, it just suddenly dawned upon me,
like a sudden a flashback of how he had been there for me all these while,
which made me realized that he has never left..
& he is the one who knows me more than anyone else..

It's true.
He has never left.

so eventually,
I agreed. 
After these 14+ years,
we decided to not deny our feelings anymore.

& that was my best decision made in 2012.
I was initially too negative of how being together may destroy our buddyship,
& didn't dare to risk it.
But guess what, ever since then, 
there was never a day when I regretted taking this risk.
On the other hand,
I have been pretty much amazed by how beautiful this turned out to be..
& I really do smile to sleep almost every night,
with thoughts of how surreal this was,
of how blessed I am to have him in my life,
as my partner now.

 I am much more me, whenever I am with you.


Back in secondary school, I would always wonder,
what could have been if we got into the same school.
Back in 2010, i would always wonder, 
what could have been if we got together back then.
After all, I'm glad that we didn't get together back in 2010.
Because in these 2+ years,
we have both experienced a lot,
& somehow, these experiences are precious in 
helping us make our r/s now a strong one.
Cliche as it seems, the timing couldnt be more right.

I couldn't ask for more, 
than to have this buddy, 
who knows me for more than a decade,
who knows how to handle my emotions so so well,
who makes me smile to sleep every single night,
as the partner that I'll want to spend the rest of my life with.
We do have our small conflicts of course, 
but they are always resolved within 20mins.
He is good
at irritating and annoying & bullying me intentionally,
all the time!!
But that is also what makes me smile all the time,

 he really knows me very well,
& no matter how emotional/sensitive I may get,
he always manages to make me smile at the end of everything.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram,
would have seen from my hashtag #mybuddymysoulmateJandS;
the photos of us,
some from a photoshoot done last year.

I had some friends,
who asked me out of concern,
& also some kaypo ones,
who was surprised that I made my relationship so open.

I wouldn't deny that because of my job nature,
I had a lot of considerations on whether to be open about my relationship..
I discussed with buddy,
& asked for his opinions.
I told him, if he is uncomfortable,
then I wouldnt post any photo of us together at all.
Because I can keep this really low-profile if he prefers to.
I also asked him if he was comfortable with a couple shoot,
when Multifolds Photography approached us for the shoot.

He told me his point of view,
he told me he was completely okay with me posting our photos.
"Not a fan of attention.
But it shall be a new experience for me!",
he said.
He is a camera-shy kind of guy,
but he told me that he wouldnt mind giving the shoot a try,
and so long as I am comfortable with it,
we shall go ahead.

I thought about it for long,
& eventually, I decided:

As much as I respect the others who prefer to keep their partners low-profile,
I don't see the need for myself to be secretive about how my partner looks like..
His parents know my job nature,
he knows my job nature.
It's only natural for people our age to be in love.
Love is just an aspect of life,
that we need, to have a balanced life;
so long as we do not allow it to affect other aspects
i.e work, school, family, friends.

In fact, I know many people around me,
who are seeking for a partner to share their life with,
no matter how successful there are in their career now.
We all yearn for love, don't we?

I don't see why being in a relationship will affect my work,
because in fact,
being in a relationship with the right person,
has helped me to grow a lot.
It allowed me to experience many different emotions,
which are useful for the different characters that I have to portray at work.
the fact that he is a really positive person,
he has taught me to be positive,
even through the dark moments..

I chose not to believe in the saying that
"your fan base will decrease if they know you are attached",
because I believe that people who truly support you,
will be happy for you & give their blessings..

In fact, reason why I do post up photos
of my family members & my partner,
is because I truly hope to remind people
to cherish their loved ones around them..

To the ones who are attached, stay true and treasure the one 
who has been there for you all these while.
Stay happy, & never allow the unhappy times
to override the happy moments shared.
To the ones who are still single, the right one will come.
Never give up on love.
Because once you find the right one,
I assure you, 
your happy times will be many times
the number of times that you are sad.
Forget those failed/screwed relationships,
no matter how heart-aching,
they are experiences that made you stronger now,
& those failed r/s are valuable lessons for you
to prepare you for the r/s with the right one :)
I waited 14 years for mine.

Thank you Multifolds,
for capturing our true emotions.
We loved the photos so much,
& these are such precious memories that we would remember forever.
you make me laugh, so much.

this was a timeless shot.
look at the sampan man at the background.. :')

"I wanted someone to want me in all ways, 

& someone who I wanted the same in return. I've found him."

The thing about Multifolds,
is that the team is sincere, & very real.
Sincerity, is something that can be felt from the heart,
not from the superficial words said.
& that is the trait that I found in Melvin.

Throughout the shoot, 
we had a lot of fun & laughter.
The team can lighten the mood,
and they managed to make J felt comfortable even though
he was in fact camera-shy,
especially for photoshoots.
Amongst the jokes we had during the shoot,
they were also professional.
They knew their angles very well.
They could capture many of our natural emotions.
There's just this "feel" to their photos,
that you will not find in others..

The theme for our shoot was
"Lovescapade" (Love + Escape)
It was a term that they creatively created.

The team has worked very hard all these while,
to come up with this Lovescapde plan.
& if you just check out their Facebook,
you will witness how they have captured the Lovescapde 
of other couples really beautifully.
(esp the album of my special friend: Melissa Koh
& her long-distance bf, Jon)
They also covered the lovescapde of a famous blogger, Cheesie,
last year.

As for this year,
they have plans to go for more overseas lovescapade trips!

back to more photos from the shoot

from strangers to friends,
to buddies,
to....... :)

I found all I've waited for; & I could not ask for more.

I cried during the shoot, the moment Melvin posed this question: 

"think of a regret, or something that you wanted to say to each other all these years."


After 14 years of twists & turns, here we are.

You made the bad seem beareable, 
& the good so much better than i could have ever imagined.

"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships 
-the one that last-
are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship.
You know,
one day you look at the person & you see something more than you did
the night before.
Like a switch has been flicked somewhere,
& the person who was just a friend is..
suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with."
--Gillian Anderson

There you go!
That's our looooong story of how it all began..
A lil' too long..
but for a 14+ years story,
this is a summarized version. :')

Ending this off with a video of us,
done by Rainer Chia of Multifolds Video.
Hope you will enjoy it.. :)

  1. i'm touched to tears :') may the fairy tale lasts forever. ♥

  2. Replies
    1. :) dont be! you'll find your right one too!

  3. Your love story is so touching! :) Stay blissful always!

  4. It was really nice! I agree that relationships which last starts from strong rooted friendship! Rmb to cherish and give thanks ~[[=

  5. J had the 'seh' back in secondary sch days.. although i don't know you in person, i am really glad that you've found your buddy-boyfriend, fellow swimmer! :)

    1. hey you! i remember you :) wow so you were his sch mate back in sec sch??

    2. yup i am! but i am not of the same age as the two of you so we are in diff batches. would have been really nice if you were in that sch too, fellow swimmer! i still pop by to read your updates every now and then. so many things have changed but some things don't. still loving your occasional quotes because they resonate with me too :)

  6. nice and sweet post! i hope i can find my soulmate soon too :)

  7. May I know what's the song title of that lovescapade's video ?

    1. Thankyou ! Great that you found your soulmate, mine is still in thousands miles always )':

    2. Sending some love to you. :) yours will come, one day, eventually :)

  8. It really isn't easy to finally find one's soulmate. It was a really touching story to share and glad that you've found happiness! It's an endless journey together - treasure each other :)

    - Dee

  9. Hi there, this is my first time reading your blog. Your love story is a beautiful one. I have followed you on Insta and I was really curious who this guy was beside you. Now I know... I'm still young and I haven't really seen the world but i do agree that it's these friendships that are the root and to some, the pathway to finding true soulmates and ultimately love. :)

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you :') All in all, I'm glad we took the leap of faith. I hope you find your true soulmate too :)