f Five Hundred & Twenty Six; Anti-aging products, do I need?


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Five Hundred & Twenty Six; Anti-aging products, do I need?

February 28, 2013 / ,

You know, 
I've always been skeptical about "Anti-aging" products.
I used to have this thinking that,
"I'm not even in my late twenties yet,
I don't think I should start using anti-aging products.
They may be too "strong" for me,
& they really don't seem suitable."

Well, I was wrong.
I've started to realize that by now,
I should start introducing some anti-aging products into my daily skincare.
Prevention is better than cure.
I'm not THAT young already anyways. *SIGHS*
So I thought that from 2013 onwards,
I would start doing so.

When L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise sent me an invitation,
I thought, "Why not? Time to check out new products!"

When I accepted the invitation,
I had no idea what were the products that would be introduced.

The key highlight from the event was this quote,
"Laser treatment in a jar."

On top of that, I learned that this Revitalift Laser x3 range is said to:
-Improve surface skin quality
-Decrease lines & wrinkles
-Firm & maintain elasticity
-Even complexion

I was curious about how revolutionary this range really would be.
Trying is believing.
So, I really put them on twice daily, for almost a week.
& here's my honest review about the products:

Revitalift Serum

What I love: 
This product has an ultra-velvet finish,
& it was quickly absorted into the skin,
Most importantly, it left no oily/greasy feel to the face.
Skin felt smoother & plumper, 
it did helped to reduce the pores a lil',
& it really helped my makeup smooth on better!
I love the hydrating effect,
& nowadays, I really like putting this serum on before make up,

Retail at: $49.90 

Revitalift Eye-cream

What I love:
The eye-cream felt pretty lightweight,
& I could feel that slight tightening around the eye area upon applying.
What I love most is the metal applicator,
which made each application really cooling and SHIOKKK!
I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.
Felt that it helped in relaxing my eye area,
which also meant that it can help to reduce lines/wrinkles.
(shoooo! lines, go away!!!!!)
It helped in de-puffing the eyes a lil' as well.
However, I felt that it wasn't really useful in lightening dark circles,
something which I needed help for!
But I guess that is due to my sleep cycle,
so....... I need to sleep earlier & not just depend on products.
OH WELL........

Retail price: $37.90

Revitalift Cream

When I first tried this product on my hand,
it felt a lil' too greasy for me.
So I was skeptical and hesitant on trying this on my face for a week.
Nevertheless, I went ahead to try it.

What I love:
I love the smell! There is very very light fruity & floral smell.
(In fact, it contains ingredients such as green apple, pear, rose, sandalwood, etc.)
It had an ultra-soft finish.
Surprisingly, it didn't feel as oily on the face as I thought it would be.
In fact, 
I really love how my face felt the next morning when I woke up.
My skin felt firm, moisturized & regenerated.
Somehow felt that the skin was tightened,
and that "plumped" feeling felt really good.

I tried putting it on in the day for the first three days.
Was expecting my face to feel oily 2 hours later,
especially with make-up on,
but it was pretty manageable for me.
So I thought it was absolutely working for me,
until the fourth day, when one acne popped up under my chin.
(Imagine that horror!!)
I was still giving the benefit of doubt.
Like, perhaps it just appeared due to weather,
not the product.
So I continued using it for 2 more days.

I was wrong.
I had a mini breakout on the sixth day.
I was lucky that it wasn't a major breakout,
but I guess that was my skin's warning to me 
that this cream was not that suitable for me afterall.
Perhaps it was too strong for me to use it twice daily.

Ever since, I stopped using the cream on the face for a few days.
I still use it daily on my neck,
& i think it worked awesomely!
I think it really worked for reducing the neck lines as well!!
(ladies, do not neglect your neck!)
& recently, I tried using it on the face again, 
but only once in 3-4 days, & only at night.
So far, so good.
Still loving the plumper and elasticized effect the next morning when I wake up!

In a nutshell, 
I think this new range: Revitalift Laser x3 
is worth a try.
Perhaps, like me, the cream may not be as suitable,
for people who have combination/oily skin to put it on daily,
but I still think it can be included in your skincare regime.
Like me, you can choose to use it once in a few days,
& also, use it on your neck!
Among the three products. 
I personally love the Revitalift Serum the most,
& will definitely continue using it.

These products will be launched in stores on 1st March.

  1. Thanks for the review .Now i know i can completely stop thinking of getting the cream.Don't like cream,and anything in a jar in the first place.Will try the serum,but not sure about the eye cream though as any skincare with the word "cream"scares me.

    1. you are welcome! by the way, why are you so against "cream"?