f Five Hundred & Nineteen --2013 thus far; (Image heavy!)


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Five Hundred & Nineteen --2013 thus far; (Image heavy!)

February 7, 2013 / , , , ,

& so.......... 1/12 of 2013 has flew past,
& we are one week into February already.
"Life after 21st will zoom past very quickly",
they said.

Haven't been updating much about my daily happenings,
so I thought I should jot down a summary of my 2013 thus far!

Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant, 2D1N Soju Bang, my upcoming productions;

1) Started my January with my first-ever bridal show:
The New Paper Wedding Planner

 With the other 5 gorgeous ladies,
who were all from the New Face Alumni :)

With Shawn, our host.
Photo credits to: Ishardi

Photo credits to: Ishardi

Jamie & I represented Julia Wedding News

 1st Outfit: Wedding Gown

Photo credits to: Ishardi

Photo credits to: Ishardi

 2nd outfit: ROM Dress
Photo credits to: Ishardi

Photo credits to: Ishardi

Photo credits to: Ishardi

3rd Outfit: Evening Gown
Photo credits to: Evonne

Photo credits to: Weeteck

4th outfit: Wedding Gown
Photo credits to: Ishardi

Photo credits to: Weeteck

It was honestly a great challenge to walk in the gowns,
especially the 1st & last outfit for me..
Look at how long it is!

 Photo credits to: weeteck

Honestly, I would not say I did well for my first time :(
but I am really thankful for this rare opportunity..
I don't know if I'll ever get a chance like this again,
but I'm glad that I had a chance to be part of this.

Thank you, TNP; thank you Weeteck! 

batch 2012! :)

 le buddy came to support on the second day :')

2) Attended GC Weekend at Gushcloud for Jan!

& was surprised to see Joanne!

3) met ze twins & had enjoyed chatting non-stop for 2 hours :)

4) Sending J's friends off to ze airport

& then bumping into 各评 大哥 at the airport!

5) Friends;

Met up with my khakis!
Wanted to do some shopping but gave up halfway because it was way too crowded on a Saturday!
So we settled down at Taipei Station @ Bugis+.
I think the only dish worth your calories(& money) there is..
the sour plum sweet potato fries.
The other dishes were not fantastic at all, esp the bubble tea. :/

So we sat there & camwhored with Min's Olloclip aka fisheyes lens for iPhones.

Met the Chuns who finally came back from exchange!

Met my favourite girls! 

Had a pretty satisfying dinner at Marche @ 313. 

love the thick mushroom soup!

hmmm not worth wasting your calories on this rice.......

Crepes with ham i think.
Prefer the smoked salmon crepes.

okay this is the bombz. 
sinful to the max but way too shioooook.

no idea why but the supposed-to-be-must-order dish
aka Salmon risotto didnt taste as good as the first time that I had it.
the salmon tasted a lil' stale :/
Actually that was only my second time at Marche.
First time was at the Vivocity outlet.

the pizza was pretty good though!

 & here's my bestie :)

6) Caught Ah Boys to Men 2 premiere at RWS

the show was good.
IMHO, it was better than Part 1.
I laughed really hard,
especially at the Lobang King's parts.
Go catch it!!
Worth your money in exchange of a good hearty laugh,
with some touching moments involved as well. 
P.S Mr Brown made a guest appearance in the show!

Before the gala, Sheena introduced Xavier & I this Xiao Long Bao from Imperial Treasure.
& it was soooooo awesome!
Thin skin, with juicy and tasty soup inside. SLURRRPS.

 7) Le buddy 

.........'s dog, Winter. :D

What she did when she was reprimanded....
hehehhe too adorable.

Okayokay, this is the real le buddy!

so yes, besides family, work, friends & some alone time,
i've been meeting le buddy. :)

I'll blog about our Lovescapade soon! ~.~
Meanwhile, you can watch our full video here :')

Well, our story goes wayyyy back to 14 years ago :D 

Photos credit to: Multifolds Photography

So anyways, I cooked pasta for dinner on one of the saturday nights;

& two days ago, he brought me to try 2D1N Soju Bang!
I've never eaten at a Korean Restaurant before,
& have always wanted to have a try at a real authentic korean meal.
So glad to finally try this!
We went at 10+pm, & we were secretly glad that the buffet was no longer available.
So we ordered the Dakgalbi ($25),
which was basically BBQ Chicken (spicy), with rice cake, & some veggies in it.

A huge serving, meant for 2-4 pax.
&....... we managed to finish it.

hahahah. the side dishes, I loikeeeeee.
(Psst, the side dishes are refillable.)

Despite being REALLY full,
I couldn't resist asking for a second serving of the caramelized sweet potatoes.
loves it!

Very very satisfying meal.
May want to try the buffet next!!

2D1N Soju Bang
44/46 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088467
It opens til 3am!

8) Family :)

My sis has made a good change recently..
becoming so much more patient,
& also learning new teaching methods to teach my niece.
& I am so so happy to see her change :)
& we are hoping that things get better for my lil' sunshine,
who is having a slight speech delay.

She loves colouring! 

So..... do we really look alike? ~.~

Pre CNY reunion dinner with family & godma's family!

Upon some online research......
I suggested Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant @ Clementi.
It was an AWESOME choice 
& I definitely want to visit there again to try more dishes!

Pork Ribs King - I love the tenderness of the well-marinated meat.
Caught me by surprise. 
I guess it was because judging from the colour/look,
I was expecting this to be just average
Once I took a bite of it, I couldn't stop praising it.

Cereal Crayfish - Was told that this was the signature dish.
& yes, I understood why.
Fresh & juicy crayfish,
with fragrant cereal bits,
that didnt feel too oily.

Prawn Paste Chicken - I liked this too!

Omelette with silver fish - I would say.. I was most disappointed with this. 

 Hotplate beancurd (apologies for the bad photo!)

 Curry Fish (tail) - the fish was fresh & there was a generous amount of other ingredients,
but the curry was not really fantastic to me.
A tad too much coconut taste & not spicy enough.

Lotus roots soup - Sweet & the lotus roots were awesome (not too hard not too soft)
A lil' too salty for my liking though.
My first yusheng of the year! :)

Total bill was $136.

 Check out my bro-in-law & niece's faces.

Ban Tong Restaurant
378 Clementi Avenue

9) Sensual Nails Spa

Made a visit to Sensual Nails Spa & had my pretty nails done for the CNY!

This month, quote "Shine" to get this set of nails at only $75 (UP $110) - that's a WHOPPING 30% off! 
Of course, you can vary the colours to your preference.
Also, you can get 10% of other services (Waxing, eyebrow trimming, etc)

 I will blog about it soon too!

10) Work

A short appearance in Exposed, with Adam.

Print-ad shoot with Michelle, who is ever-so-stunning-and-gorgeous!

Shot for OMY's demo video

Worked with ze fun-loving ladies :)

shot for NTU;

other shoots;

 Last but definitely not least,
this is my upcoming project.

Went for imaging just two days ago

Hayley will be joining me in this sitcom! :) 

Will also be involved in a drama some time in March.
 Will update more about them in time to come :)

Meanwhile, I will grab every opportunity as though it is the last,
this way I can give my best each time & be even better the next time.
Gotta work extra hard & be grateful for every opportunity.

What a long entry!
That's basically my January + first week of Feb for 2013.
I hope 2013 has been good for you thus far!
CNY is coming &......
I need to do some last minute shopping for shoes & bag today!!!!
Enjoy the festive & the long weekend ahead! :D

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