f Five Hundred & Eighteen; MANIC PANIC by Salon Vim!


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Five Hundred & Eighteen; MANIC PANIC by Salon Vim!

February 5, 2013 / , ,


Made a visit to Salon Vim recently, 
to get a new hair colour for the Chinese New Year.
Had a tough time choosing the colour I wanted,
because I wanted a totally new look,
yet was unable to go for a too "happening" colour due to my job nature.
(I can't go for castings with blue/green hair...........)
& so, eventually......
we decided to go with..............

Ash brown with red highlights!
I really love how the red was obvious,
yet not too striking.
Kind of playing "hide & seek" :D

All thanks to my stylist, Lilian!
I like how she layered the highlights on the "inside" :)
& I really enjoyed the head massage she did!

& of course, I did the usual cocktail treatment as well!
To make sure that my hair remain really smooth & in good condition 
despite the chemicals from the hair dye.
this photo was taken from a visit prior to this though!
headed to the salon for a treatment to save my hair,
because I had bridal show on a weekend,
& ze hair had tons of spray for both days....... :/ 

Cut quite a bit of my hair as well.

 Close up view of my red highlights!

This photo looks a lil' purple-ish cause I took it in the car.
No idea why it looked purple-ish though.
But you can see the contrast clearly!

More photos from a recent shoot,
with better lighting, 
so you can see the true colours!

Some of my other favourites, done by Salon Vim!

on Yina

Here's an awesome piece of news!

There will be NO SURCHARGE/PRICE INCREASE during this festive period! 
Call 68847757 for 313 Somerset outlet (#04-07/08/09)
or 68370073 for Bugis outlet (235 Victoria Street) for appointments! :)

You can also follow them on Facebook/Instagram
or check out their website! :)

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