f Five Hundred & Twelve; money money money, it is just so funny.


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Five Hundred & Twelve; money money money, it is just so funny.

January 11, 2013 / ,

Yes, I have a passion which I want to pursue, or rather I have chosen to pursue. At the same time, I have to constantly remind myself that while I am growing up & experiencing life, my parents are also growing older and less stronger..
Upon graduating from NTU Accountancy in July 2011, I gave up an auditing job in one of the big fours, in pursuit of passion. I worked hard and used up all my savings to repay my university tuition loan within 10 months.
I was then freed from debts, and felt that I could finally give all out for what I want to do, & give myself more time to slowly build up on my portfolio since I had no more burden with me.

Now, it's 2013.
I would say, in these 1.5 years, I have indeed achieved quite a bit, & yes, I was pretty satisfied with the improvements & advancement. Especially with the opportunities that I was provided with in the later part of 2012. I was fortunate & I was definitely blessed.
If I could, I would give myself at least another 3 years to continue doing what I enjoy the most. I could see the progress & I could see myself moving forward, big or small steps, at least there was constant progress..
If I could, I would definitely not want to give up right now.
But truth is: Passion vs Practicality.

Each time I see how tired my mum gets from work, I feel the pain.
Her health issue has always been a main concern for me over the decade. Her current job is taking a toll on her & I fret that her body will give in very soon..
She works as a vegetable packer in a supermarket; & she used to only have to work 5 hours a day. But due to a change in the policy of the company, she has to work 8 hrs a day now.
Is it really a better scheme for the workers?!
Ask me, & I'll tell you my honest opinion: that they are "squeezing the workers dry"; making the workers slog and adding additional stress especially to the older workers,
while they happily spend their money on the game shows & giving the money away generously, instead of providing better welfare for the workers. This is business in the real world, I know.
Standing 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for someone with arthritis, is really..
After work, she cooks on most days because she knows we love eating at home, we love eating her dishes.
She has been giving in so much for us, & she always gives us the best that she can with whatever she has. In my 23+ years of life, I've never seen her shopped for herself except during CNY period. She gives all that she has to the family, to us..
I've seen her aged so much over the recent years..
I want to be able to give her a sum of money equivalent to what she is earning now, so that she can retire and not torture her body anymore. I want to..

If my family is rich, yes, I can give myself 5 or even 10 years to pursue what I want and have no worries at all. But the truth is, my family is not well-to-do at all..
They have always been so supportive of me, & encouraging me to go for my passion.
& I know I want to do well, for myself & for them.
So you see, they are my strength, but also my weakness..
I do not wish to give up now because I know I have not given my best & there are still a lot more that I can & want to do.
Yes I do have faith, but I can't deny that my family is my biggest concern because nothing else matters more than them.

What will be, will be..

  1. This is the first time I chanced upon your website.
    While reading the first few posts, there's a misconception that you're well-to-do. This post motivates me a lot as I'm currently studying in NTU and thinking hard about paying the fees myself as family is not very rich. Jia you. You can do it! Live with your passion and you will not regret living each day! :)

  2. Hi Adel,
    thank you so much for your comment.. you have no idea how it made me smile :)
    jiayou too! &, happy CNY!