f Five Hundred & Nine; Beauty surprise from Vanity Trove!


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Five Hundred & Nine; Beauty surprise from Vanity Trove!

January 3, 2013 /

happy 2013!

Today, I'll be introducing to you.........

Finally got my hands on this beauty box!
I have heard much about it & always wanted to get one for myself.
Basically, by subscribing to their Vanity Trove's service,
you will get to receive a surprise filled with different beauty treats,
delivered right to your doorstep.
Which means, you will get to try the different awesome products each month!
Beauty pampering indeed.

Received my Vanity Trove box for Jan :)

It came with a mini catalogue,
with details of all the products
& information on some other recommended products.
Very useful!

Picked some of my favourites:

Astalift Lotion 

Astalift is a Japanese skincare brand.
 This lotion works like a toner.
So after cleansing your face, 
apply it before you apply the essence & moisturizer.
Drop a 50-cent coin size portion onto your palm,
& gently pat it onto your face til it's fully absorbed.

It penetrates deep into the skin to distribute hydration.
 You can feel the immediate softening effect of the skin!

This helps to better absorb the essence & moisturizer.

Next product: TruLife LingZhi Immunity

LingZhi immunity helps to:

1. Improve Immunity

2. Supple Skin
3. Enhance Energy

I needed this so badly.
(but I only have myself to blame for sleeping so little. HEH.)

This worked as an energy booster for me!

Next: Yuskin A,
a top-selling moisturizer in Japan.

A soothing & gentle body cream for dry skin,

I applied it on my problem areas i.e elbows, fingers & cracked heels

& I think it worked wonders!!!
Even for my ultimate dry area: cracked heels.
& I really like how it is light & non-greasy, yet VERY moisturizing.
It sinks right into the skin, grease free.

It can even be used on dry lips, or on the face.
I guess, I will try applying it on my nose,
which tends to peel sometimes :(

Last but not least,
Slim Secrets Snack Bar!

I was really glad to see this in the box.
For someone like me, who has to watch her diet yet loves to snack a lot,
this is really awesome!

Slim Secret bars are good as snacks because it is

High in Fibre & Protein, 

Low in GI,

Cholesterol Free
Below 145 Calories

It comes in 4 different designs & flavours:

1. Binge Buster
2. Snack Attack
3. Rev-Up!
4. Mintabolism Boost

That was just some information about some of the products 
that I received for Jan 2013, from Vanity Trove Subscription.

Lemme show you what other goodies I received from the November & December surprise boxes!

Nov' 12

Dec '12

Besides the products for ladies,
Vanity Trove also has the Men's SASA Edition
& last but not least, the Mangosteen Edition.

Find out how you can start subscribing to receive your surprise box!!
I am very sure you will love it as much as I did!

Quote "Shine" 
when you subscribe to receive an extra surprise in your first trove!

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