f Five Hundred & Fourteen; Modafash.


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Five Hundred & Fourteen; Modafash.

January 18, 2013 / ,

Introducing to you....

Remember my photo posted on Instagram?
This is the website that I'll like to introduce today,
for you ladies to shop for CNY!

"Modafash" is derived from the Italian word 'MODA' which means FASHion. 
Founded in May 2012 (by 3 friends who have known each other for a decade!), Modafash strives to bring fashionable clothing to suit everyday needs.

I did a shoot with them recently, & I'm really in love with their tops from this collection!

1. Oriental Drape Top (Wine Red) 

I couldn't stop praising this top! 
The oriental collar & dipped hem makes this top a simple yet exquisite piece. 
You can pair this with jeans & pair of trendy heels,
& you'll look really chic & feel extremely comfy for a casual CNY gathering!

Available in white too! 

Next up, my favourite.......... toga!
Only this time, it's a top not a dress.

2. Toga Stud Top (Navy)


This was the very first item that I told the owners I would like to keep.
Was already eyeing on it while I was shooting for it :D
Firstly, you know I have a fetish for togas.
Secondly, I love the flare sleeves that came with a stylist studded shoulder.
The inner is lined with zip for easy wearing.

Available in white too!

 Last but not least, 

3. Cheongsam Lace Dress (Red)
Looking for a comfortable piece of cheongsum for Chinese New Year this year?
The fashionable lace pattern, key hole button in front & the triangle cut-out back
makes it really elegant & perfect for you.
Gotta love the lace designs!

 Also availalble in blue

This awesome collection has been launched today, at 2pm!
Grab your favourite items HERE!!!

Meanwhile, do also check out their Facebook,
as the ladies are giving free outfit to 1 lady 
and $8 shopping eVoucher to 2 ladies! 
(This promotion ends on 18 Jan, Friday, 2359)

You can also follow them on Instagram: @modafash