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Five Hundred & Fifteen; Victor's Kitchen

January 21, 2013 /

Thank you to the ones who participated in the giveaway!
& thank you so much for your words of encouragement :')
I was really touched..
Winners were selected by the random formula on excel spreadsheet.
I typed out all your names chronologically,
& categorized according to the three items.
& tadah!

Here are the winners:

Do remember to reply me with your mailing address! :)

Realized I have not been blogging about food recently.........
& just last week, I visited Victor's Kitchen!
Heard so much about it all these while,
& boy, was I glad to finally have a chance to try it!

What we ordered:
1. Custard Bun 
2. Siew Mai
3. Scallop & Sausage Carrot Cake with XO sauce
4. Har Gow
5. Phoenix Claw (aka chicken feet hahah)
6. Pan-fried Chee Cheong Fun
7. Authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea x2

First of all, 
1 & 3 are MUST-ORDERS.
If you have seen my expression the moment I took a bite of the custard bun..........
you will know how awesome it is.
Absolutely right balance of sweet & savoury taste.
The buns were light & fluffy,
& the egg custard oozed out immediately upon the first bite.
Beats Sweechoon's for sure, in my honest opinion.
They were a lil' too oily though.

As for the carrot cake,
the combination of XO sauce & 
the carrot cake with strips of scallop & bits of sausages,
was really unique and delicious. 
One advice:
do not finish up the sauce too soon,
save it for the last few mouthfuls as well!

J felt that the siew mai was pretty good, 
but it was normal to me.
As for the hargows, they were good too,
not too thick "skin",
and the har gows were not too dry,
which made them good.
Phoenix claws were finished by me alone because J does not eat them.
I liked them!
One of the best that I've had before thus far.
The milk tea was pretty awesome too.
I liked how they placed the cup in a bowl of ice.
This way, the drink will remain cold yet not diluted.

Last but not least,
please do not order the pan-fried chee cheong fun :X
Felt that it was a waste of calories.
Will try the char siew or you tiao chee cheong fun next time!
Our bill added up to $30.50.
A lil' too pricey, but well most of the food items are of good quality,
so to me, it is definitely worth a second visit!! :) 

Victor's Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-21 Sunshine Plaza

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