f Five Hundred & Eleven; RED sensation with Loreal Excellence Fashion!


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Five Hundred & Eleven; RED sensation with Loreal Excellence Fashion!

January 8, 2013 / ,

ALOHA!!!! 2013 is officially here!!
& I've decided to welcome 2013 with a new hair colour.......

WHEEEEEEEE, an awesome red!! 
& guess what, I did this colour at home, with L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion.
L’Oréal Paris Excellence has always been a popular and trustworthy DIY hair color brand in Singapore;
& I was excited when I knew that they are introducing a NEW line of Fashion Shades inspired by Paris Glamour. 
Glad I had a chance to give it a try first!

The DIY process was so easy & convenient,
lemme share with you how.

This was my colour before colouring it.

Step 1:
Wear an old shirt that you wouldnt mind throwing away 
(in case you accidentally dyed your shirt as well!)

Step 2: 
Rub Vaseline around your neck & behind your ears!
PREVENTION is better than cure. hahahahh! 
This is to prevent colour staining :)

Step 3:
Cover the floor with newspapers

Step 4: 
Get an old/dark coloured towel

Step 5:
Open the box!
The instructions inside are really clear & easy to understand :)

The bottles are numbered so you can follow the steps easily!

1. Squeeze generous dose of Protective Pre-serum (1) & apply to your lengths & ends.

Leave it on.

2. Mix the Creme Colorant (2) into the Developer Bottle (3)

3. Shake vigorously.
(you can see I was shaking really hard!)

4. Replace the cap to the applicator cap.

5. Start applying!!!!
(Start with the roots & the stubborn white/grey areas)

Lucky me, because my sis helped me with the dye-ing!

6. Massage mixture through the hair throughly.
Leave it on for 30minutes!

Psst, now you know why I mentioned Step 1 to 4!

Last but not least, 
wash off with warm water & apply the Protective Conditioner (4) all over.
This conditioner is SO SO awesome my hair feels really smooth now
despite the colouring process.
I think the Pre-serum (1) helped a lot too.

Before I show you more photos of my end result........

Did you know??!
Red is one of the hardest colours to maintain for your hair. 
I've tried having red hair twice before, & for both times, I think the colour only lasted less than 2 weeks & started fading to brown soon after.
HOWEVER, the thing is, if you learn how to take good care of your hair after colouring,
you can easily maintain the gorgeous red colour, especially with the new formula from 
L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion, a new launch from the World's No. 1 Haircolor!

What's so special about this new formula??

Excellence Fashion is formulated with
1. Hi-Shine Complex (*miracle Ingredient): For spectacular brilliance and shine 
2. Hi-Intensity Pigments: For rich, intense colour
3. Triple-Care Formula: To protect, strengthen & nourish hair while coloring so hair stays strong & soft

& now, how to take care of your hair after colouring??

The 2 weeks post-color is a crucial period of time when the hair is the most vulnerable and you would want to lock in your hair colour. Hence, using a shampoo and conditioner specially for color-treated hair is a MUST.

This L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise EverPure Range that I'm using currently is awesome!
It’s 100% sulfate-free, hence it does not strip the hair color. 
This can help to keep the color pure even after 32 washes
Which means, I can maintain my awesome red colour for a longer period of time. HOORAYYYYYYY!

This new line of Fashion Shades inspired by Paris Glamour was designed specifically to sublimate the unique skin and eye tones of Asian woman. 

It comes in 4 ravishing shades of Red:

1. P64 Intense Copper Red 

2. P66 Intense Spicy Red (the one that I used)

3. P56 Intense Violet Red

4. P46 Intense Ruby Red

Here's the thing, 
dramatic & eye-catching colours are gonna be in trend for 2013,
& red is still one of the hottest choices for the new season!

My awesome red for this season!!

did my first shoot for the year with my red hair! :)

Loves it so much!!
& now, my hair really SHINEs (pun intended. :p),
thanks to the HI-SHINE complex.
My mum, sis & bro-in-law cannot stop praising my hair too.
Sis is tempted to buy one for herself once the product is out :)

You can now find it at Watsons, Guardian, Supermarkets or the departmental stores.
 Excellence Fashion is at a special introductory price of $15.90 (U.P. $18.90) for the month of January! 

Let the vibrancy of ruby, copper & violet tones breathe life to your tresses,
giving you a brand new look for the New Year;
join me in this RED Sensation! 
  1. hello! May i ask if you are using one or 2 boxes of hair dye? :) TQ!

  2. Awesome I just bought one! It's only $9.45 for Watson members!

  3. THANK YOU FOR THIS REVIEW!!! I'm definitely buying :D

  4. Hi! sorry to bother you but I was wondering how long the colour stayed in your until it started to fade back to your original colour? I know it says permanent on the box but is it? :) your hair looks great!

    1. hello! i cant give you an accurate duration of how long it stayed on for, because i re-dyed my hair around 1 mth later at Salon Vim for job purpose! by then, the red faded a lil' but was still pretty red :)

  5. hey, cn i check with you, i used the same product as you, but each time i wash my hair, the colour seems to be 'washed' away in a sense that the color of the water turns red. Did that happen to you ?

    1. yup it happened for the first two days. i think its normal! :)

  6. Have you bleached your hair before?

  7. Hello this review is so awesome, it really shows the shade so well that I've decided to get it! Just a little question, did you leve the dye in your hair longer than what was stated in the instructions? Cus my hair is even darker than yours and I've no idea how long to leave it for! Thank you so much!!

  8. Oh I don't know if my prev comment went through >< just wondering if you leave the dye in your hair longer than what was in the instructions? Because i have really dark hair and I really love this hair colour of yours! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Dorothy!!

      I'm so so sorry for the late reply. I was away in Hong Kong & missed out some comments.. if i didnt remember wrongly, i left it for around 40minutes although advised time was 30 minutes. :) hope the colour turns out awesome for you!!

  9. Hi! I actually dyed my hair with the L'oreal Paris Intense Violet Red and the thing is, only the top and bottom of my hair shows the color but the middle part of my hair (I have long hair; almost reaching my waist) is still pretty dark but you can see some red. I also only used one box. Do you think I have to do it one more time? pls reply soon :)

    1. hello! If i were you, i would. and this time, i'll apply slightly more on the middle part. hope it turns out good for you!

  10. Hello! Does the colour fade after two weeks or does it still remain in that shade of red because you used the colour shampoo/conditioner?

    1. hello! by two weeks, the colour only faded a lil'. i think using colour-protection shampoo & conditioner definitely helped!

  11. Hi, is the red obvious without light? I'm a little worried about it being too bright since the packaging shows that the colour for spicy red is really bright! I have dark brown, close to black hair and I'm trying to achieve a maroon effect. Do you think this dye is suitable? Thanks :)

  12. hello! the one i chose was a lil' bright especially under light. you can consider choosing other colour codes? :)

  13. hello shine koh!
    i loved your review even tho look like sponsored by loreal hahaha
    i was wondering if your hair was previous colored or was natural hair. I ask because my hair has an ombre chocolate color.

    1. Hi there!

      My hair was previously coloured (brown) before using this product :)