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Five Hundred & Six. -

December 16, 2012 / ,

I have officially turned 23 few days ago.
Thank you everyone for all your wishes,
really appreciate them! :)

I met up with my bestie,
She gave me a lil' gift, with so much meaning :')
"& I know all the fears, uncertainties, doubts, twists & turns you've been through. 
All your hardwork & sweat & tears, 我都看到了", she wrote.

Indeed, she has always been around for me throughout my ups & downs, 
for the past decade. 
the one who always pulls me back on track 
& the one who always says the right words to keep me motivated, 
the one whom i look up to for her determination & leadership qualities. 
thank you my bestfatfriend, my bestie, my bff.

She's currently running her own business, 
& it will be really awesome if you can support my bestie.
Read more about Player Events here :)

Had dinner with my family at Paradise Dynasty!

This dessert with red bean + banana inside is pretty awesome!

XLB! *inserts heart-shaped-eyes emoticon*

forgot to take photos of the fried rice & two other dishes.

Love of my life :)

A simple but heartwarming celebration with them,
just the way I like it.
Best way to celebrate birthdays :) :) 

This year, I only have one wish,
just one simple wish..

Speaking about family, lemme update with some recent events/outings with my them :)

Attended a cousin's wedding a day before my bday

with CW korkor aka cousin

& his wife! 

& then there was another day
when we went to the animal farm.
Uhm, I think it was 1+ mths ago :X

Photos taken with Casio EX-JE10!

We attended my lil' sunshine's "graduation" ceremony.
Pre-nursery graduation. HAHHAH!

Before the show began,
I was still so worried that she wont be able to follow the dance steps,
little did I expect that she did it so well!
We could see that she was enjoying it,
& following her teacher's steps so well!
I was so proud of her that I dropped tears of joy :')

this lil' precious has brought a lot of joys to our family :)

my Mummee dotes on her a lot!
& here's a lovely pic of her grandma reading the storybook to her :')
such precious moments..

Here we are, teaching the kids all about life,
& in return,
they teach us what life is all about.  

Dates with Mummee :) 

Last but not least,
we went to East Coast Park on one of the Sundays! 
“This is part of what a family is about, not just love. 
It's knowing that your family will be there watching out for you. 
Nothing else will give you that. 
Not money. Not fame. Not work.” 
― Mitch Albom

The ones, who will forever be here to support me in whatever that I do.
The ones, who see the ugly & unglam side of me,
the ones who can tolerate the temperamental me,
the ones who accept me wholly for who I am,
the ones who will love me for eternity.
I am blessed, because I have them.

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