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Five Hundred & Seven; new accessory that i'm currently in love with!

December 17, 2012 / ,

Hello there!
Who says you'll have to look dull with specs?!
Just got an awesome specs for myself,
which is so trendy & stylish 
that I can match it with many different outfits!

Do you wish to win yourself a pair of Urband/Glossi frames?
read on to find out how!!

Last week, 
I visited Nanyang Optical (the outlet @ NEX).

I was given a "tour" around the optical shop by Glenn,
who shared with me a lot of interesting knowledge.

With the aim of reaching the consumer needs & 
staying updated with the latest trends,
Nanyang Optical designs, manufactures & retails 
exclusive brands of quality products with unique features.
Their exclusive house-brands, Urband, Glossi, Linkskin and Eyelet, 
have won several international eyewear design awards such as:

iF Material 2009 (Gold Award).
Singapore President’s Design Award 2009, (Special Prize),
 IOFT Eyewear of the Year 2012 (Japan), 
Red Dot Product Design 2012 (Germany).
(just a few to name!)

The desire & capability to constantly produce new & creative designs,
have earned them international recognition.
Undoubtedly, Nanyang Optical is placed at a distinctive position 
in the eyewear industry.

You know how I've always had this idea that
"all optical shops are the same",

until I saw the first collection of specs that caught my attention,
i.e the Glossi collection.

The colours & funky designs attracted me.

Glossi seeks to bring fun and attention to the wearer’s face
beyond its basic functionality, 
with comfort and style.
This flamboyant eyewear has been noticed on movie stars,
singers and mavericks. 

- KPOP Group: S the one, 
- Joe Perry from Aerosmith, 
- Korean Actor/Singer: Lee Ji Hoon 
- Mediacorp Actor: Romeo Tan

are all wearers of Glossi Eyewear.

“The Glossi Eyewear conveys cheerful retro design appeal 
with bright, eye-catching color and transparent layering effects.” 
– Red Dot Design Award Jury 2012

Here are some of my favourite designs from the latest MIDO'12 collection:

This was one of my top favourites! 
The unique feature of this specs is that, 
it will look like it has several different colours,
& the colours you see will depend on which angle you look at it from!

Lemme share with you some unique features of GLOSSI:
  • Frames are made from strong and flexible NCP™ (Nylon Compound) rather than conventional Acetate or titanium, which gives the frames a glossy look and enhances the durability. 
  • Patented hinge-locking technique – Hand stitch with elastic Nylon string (instead of the conventional soldering and rivets) to

    flexibility and cushioning to the opening and closing of the temple, 
    giving the temple a springy effect.
  • Lightweight and almost pressure-free on the wearers face. It's seriously so light yet strong.
  • One-of-a-kind design that is exclusive to Glossi
They also have the shades series:

The price range for Glossi eyewear is: $280 - $320

Next house-brand that I am introducing is:

Urband is the fusion of people, colors, music, materials, lifestyles, cultures and values of
different cities and continents. 
It is a unification of encounters and experiences.

The Urband collections draw inspiration from little things that
we see in our daily lifestyles.
Each of these inspirations is being perfected to
transform their inspiration into a pair of eyewear that pursuits
comfort, elegance and style.

The Urband frames are constructed using their patented S-Clip concept. The S-Clip acts as a locking mechanism to hold lenses and temples without screws and soldering. 

Just look at the unique designs for the latest MIDO'12 collection:

The price range for Urband is : $450 - $580

Linkskin was developed to provide fashionably designed yet comfortable eyewear, 
that is easy on our nature resources.
An eyewear that uses recycled eyewear materials,
& eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Exclusive & unique frames with fine craftsmanship.

Eyelet is constructed to provide the solution for individuals who experience the common problems
of spectacles sliding down the nose bridge or spectacles 
that are slanted on the face (due to mishandling and poor habits e.g. pulling off frames from one side only, that cause the frames to go out of shape.)

Look at how flexible it is!
(1-piece" w/o any soldering joints for Eyelet Junior,
Eyelet Senior & Eyelet Ti)

Stable on your face --
Eyelet provides such good grip on the face,
& this is especially suitable for children!

Take a look at the prestigious awards that Eyelet has earned for itself:

Besides these house brands, 
Nanyang Optical also retails the other types of spectacles.

Such as.......
the army specs!
my previous specs was an army specs :O

After explaining to me about the different brands,
Glenn proceeded to check my eyesight!

&....... TADAH!


okay I kid.
That was just the specs used to test the eyesight.

So, what's next?
Choosing a design for myself!

I was so spoilt with choices,
I took eons to decide on the specs that I want.


or this??

or that?!
psst, thank you Freda, for helping me to snap so many shots of me! :D
(Photos snapped with Casio EX-JE10)

After 34857825897 tries,

I finally decided,
on a Glossi frames!

& so, a few days later,
my specs was ready for collection!

My new specs has become a new accessory for me,
to play around with different outfits!

I'm too used to wearing contact lenses for long hours 
(which is REALLY unhealthy),
especially on days when I'm out for 
a whole day of work + castings.
Now, I can bring my specs out,
& change into it once work/casting ends.
& it's so versatile that I can match it easily with a lot of outfits!
Furthermore, the specs is really light & comfy.

Lemme tell you something, 
which makes my specs even more awesome!
It also comes with both front & back UV protection,
which is a first in the market!
This breakthrough technology -- Crizal UV lenses is created by Essilor.

Crizal UV combats the six enemies of vision: 
scratches, smudges, reflections, water, dust and now, harmful UV rays.
With the improved scratch resistance (very useful for me),
I do not have to worry as much about having unsightly scratches on my specs,
(hmmmm, happened to my previous spectacleS)
which will also affect my vision.

Most of the eyewear lenses comes with only the frontal UV protection,
but most of us are unaware about the danger of back UV reflection.
Due to the invisibility, our natural defenses to UV such as
pupil contraction & squinting do not happen,
thus misleading us to think that no harm is inflicted.
Crizal UV provides 360-degree UV protection,
& they are also equipped with the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 25,
which means that I am 25 times more protected against UV 
than those not wearing any lenses! 
When benchmarked against other lenses in the market, Crizal UV lenses soars ahead of its
competition by providing eight times more protection!
You think only your skin needs protection?
Learn to protect your eyes as well! 
Ask for Crizal UV lenses! 

Do you wish to win yourself a pair of Urband/Glossi frames?
Here's how you can win one!

1. Post up an image of yourself on Nanyang Optical Facebook 
2. Tell them why you should WIN a pair of Glossi or Urband frames!
    (Psst...... Get creative with those shots!)
3. Tag me on Facebook (Shine Koh Hui Shan - 高慧姗)
4. Leave a comment on this post!

Nanyang Optical will pick a winner, 
& I will announce the winner on my blog & Twitter!

Thank you Nanyang Optical & Essilor
for this wonderful birthday + xmas gift! :D

Revamping your style need not burn a hole in your pocket! 
From now til 28 Feb 2013,
enjoy up to 70% off selected frames storewide! 
Available at all Nanyang Optical outlets (except EastPoint Mall).

With the parties coming up, it’s the perfect time to jazz up your style with an unique eyewear!
Be different, be unique. 
Stand out from the crowd & SHINE!! :)

You can find out more information from their website,
& also from their Facebook. :)

  1. Hi, ive sent the post to the optical, didnt managed to tag you as im afraid to tag the wrong account.

    1. Hi there! you can tag me at my page: https://www.facebook.com/ShineKohHuiShan

      Good luck!!

  2. Hi,
    I've posted and tagged you @ the comment there...

  3. Hi Shine,

    I have tagged you on the Nanyang Optical Page, thanks for sharing the info on Glossi or Urband frames!!! :D

  4. Hi Shine,
    may i know when is this promo ending?

    1. Hello!

      Do you mean the competition on Facebook? It's still ongoing! so submit your photo quick!

  5. my specs is from Nanyang Optical too. Can't rmb the model or brand of the specs. Comes without screw, using their patented buckle-lock system. No need to constantly take a small screw driver to check if the screws are coming out.

    1. yes! that's one major point which I love about my current specs from Nanyang Optical. & my specs is really light & comfy

  6. Just participated! Keeping my fingers crossed!