f Five Hundred & Four. --A short getaway to Kuantan


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Five Hundred & Four. --A short getaway to Kuantan

December 5, 2012 /

As the saying goes, 
"To rest, is to walk further."
Thanks to William, I had the chance to go for a short getaway recently.
Just 1 day before the trip, I was honestly dreading it because 
I was tortured by the flu bug for the past 5 days 
(hmmm I refused to see the doctor 
because I didnt want to depend on antibiotics) 
& was still down with fever.
So glad that the fever finally subsided on the day I had to fly off.
Thanks to J who took such great care of me
(& nagged at me) & made sure I spammed the vitamin pills.

So without further ado,
lemme share with you the photos taken from the trip! :)

A good breakfast before the flight at ze airport.

& off we go!

Classic plane shot.

“When we look up, it widens our horizons. 
We see what a little speck we are in the universe, so insignificant, 
and we all take ourselves so seriously, 
but in the sky, there are no boundaries. 
No differences of caste or religion or race.” 

― Julia GregsonEast of the Sun

It took us less than an hour to reach the destination.
& then it was....... lunch.

the tom yum soup was AWESOME!

Checked in at the resort/hotel.

Opened my luggage & found this sweet surprise :')
Was overjoyed when I found it!
J has such neat handwriting,
it makes me so guilty of mine every time I see his.

First tour location:

The water theme park is HUGE.

Most of the photos from this trip were taken with my Casio Exilim EX-JE10 :)

You gta check out my noob pose.
Can you spot what went wrong in the top picture?

KTV at night;
 Photo credits to: William 

  Photo credits to: William 

Day 2:

Checked out of the resort.
Next tour location: to see...... ELEPHANTS! 

One of my favourite animals..
because it was the first animal which my dad taught me to draw.

Elephant-riding has been banned.

These are the trainers
who share a special connection with the elephants;
they are the ones who take care of the elephants
& communicate well with them.

 Photo credits to: William

Visited this lil' village 

"Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more. 
If you concentrate on what you dont have, 
you will never, ever have enough." 
--Oprah Winfrey 

The visit to this place reminded me of how fortunate we really are.. 
As the chinese saying goes,"比上不足、比下有餘。" 
Instead of complaining of this & that all the time, 
I think we really need to learn to appreciate what we already have,
while we work hard for a better future for ourselves & our loved ones.


Next, we had an interesting lunch experience in the jungle.

the man who prepared the yummylicious meal for us,
with a lot of effort :')

Traditional bamboo rice

very fragrant!

It was sucha heartwarming meal,
I was touched by this traditional, simple, yet very delicious meal prepared specially for us..
  Photo credits to: William (who took this photo for us!)

After a satisfying lunch,
we continued with our tour.

All of them waiting for us to feed them with the yam strips

Tis the season to be jolly,
fa la la la la, la la la la~~
Xmas' is coming!

spot it?

mouse deer;

Proudly showing off ze colours for us to snap photos of it!!

What's next??

*inserts victory sign*

thumbs up for William too!

first time seeing porcupine in real life.

hahahh that cute lil' rabbit escaped from its area,
& it was lucky to be found by us!
Otherwise, it could have been attacked & became a prey....

I had a pet rabbit when I was 11,
& I really want to keep one again one day, someday..
Current situation does not allow me to,
due to space constraint.
But one day, I'll get a rabbit again.. :)

why so silly?!!

Traveled for abit,
before we reached Tuluk Cempedak beach in the early evening.

my awesome Casio Exilim EX-JE10,
so light, so portable!!

& this is our hotel room for the next two nights.

this curry prawn was the BOMBZ.

coconut pudding in the coconut.
(sorry I finished it before I realized I wanted to snap a photo of it)

Sis whatsapp-ed me this image after dinner 
because she knew I missed my two loves badly. :D

tango-ed with her in the restaurant ;D

Day 3:
We visited Sungai Lembing

It felt like..
we were brought back to the 1970s by a time machine.

Old school mailbox!

100-year old suspension bridge.

Took the river cruise as well;

photo with our tour guide for the trip.

Did not snap as much photos on day 3,
was still in a bad coughing mode 
hence I became a lil' too lazy to snap photos.

Day 4:

Had a try at these highly recommended dishes:
Nasi Lemak & Prata.
& indeed, they were really awesome
albeit a full stomach from the buffet breakfast.

me, being a typical tourist.

It was quite a good getaway for me, with the guys.
Thank you for taking care of me & ensuring my safety! :) :) 

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