f Five Hundred & Three. -10 places for y'all to check out!


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Five Hundred & Three. -10 places for y'all to check out!

November 6, 2012 / ,

If you have been following me on Instagram recently, 
you would have noticed that I've been posting quite a bit of food pictures recently :D

So in this post, 
I shall introduce to y'all some places to visit for.......

Disclaimer: I will not be going into very detailed reviews of the food/ambiance.
Just want to list out the places which I've been to recently,
& hopefully, it would be of some help for those
who are thinking of new places to check out. :)

1. E-sarn Thai Cuisine 
130 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118548
(They have a few other outlets as well:
Ridgewood, Thomson, Tanjong Katong, Roberson Quay)

Thai Iced Tea $4

Clear Tom Yum Soup (Prawns) $8.50

Generous servings of prawns, but I felt that the soup could be spicier.
According to J, the classic version is nicer than this clear version.
You may want to try the classic one instead! 

By the way!
Thanks to my awesome new love,
Casio Exilim EX-JE10,
I can now take clear & awesome pictures :)
Most of the food pictures you see in this post were taken with the new camera!

Pad Thai $8.50
More than enough for 2 pax!
I love this!
One of the nicest that I've tried so far.
By the way, they use chicken breast meat (w/o skin),
healthier choice!

Green Curry Chicken $13.50
I honestly cant recall how I felt about this.
I remember it was rich & creamy.
Once again, chicken breast meat was used,
healthier choice!
We had overdosage of chicken meat (generous amount from both dishes!)
& couldn't finish them.

2. Woody Family Cafe
12F Andrews Avenue

Singapore 759930

Woody has a cozy ambience,
& this family cafe is known for its fusion peranakan dishes.

 Nyonya Pongteh
I was initially skeptical of this dish.
Didn't look appealing to me,
but I was proven wrong!
It was so nice.
Add in the special-made chilli,
to spice it up a lil'.

Dunkel (with Guinness Stout) fish & chips $21.90
(photo taken with iphone)

I kinda like it.
But I felt that the fish tasted a lil' too bland,
despite having them battered in Guinness stout.
Also, I felt that the price for this is a lil' too pricey.

So I conclude, the next time I visit Woody,
I'll get the peranakan dishes instead.

 3. Food for Thought 
1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens, 
Tanglin Gate, #B1-00, S259569  

I love the ambiance!

Busy with the phone.......
to google & find out the recommended dishes!

Lin took these photos & I didnt even know until I transferred the photos to my com!

Busy browsing the menu

My lunch khakis for this trip: Lin & Melvin!

Cranberry Scone: $3
 Lin tried this at the other outlet at Queen Street before,
apparently the scone at this outlet pales in comparison, according to her.
Didnt think that it was fantastic,
but it was not too bad as well.

Mushroom Bacon Onion: $4
(highly raved by Melvin!)
 I loveeeee mushrooms.
& I think this was yummy.
A good mixture of items, just a lil' oily for my liking.
But I think I'll order this again if I visit the next time!

Basic Works: $7
 As the name suggests,
it's really a basic breakfast set.
Relatively cheaper as compared to Full Works.
So it's good for those who wants a lighter meal 
& just wna have your scrambled eggs craving satisfied!

Dark Chocolate & Raspberries pancake: $12
I think this would be a popular choice among the ladies. 
Sout + Sweet + Bitter = awesome fusion of taste.
together with the warm & fluffy pancakes,
too awesomeeeee.

 Slow Roasted Pulled Pork: $8
I thought that $8 was rather affordable.
Generous chunks of shredded pork, which was tender,
with the homemade BBQ sauce as marination.
However, the bread were a lil' disappointing to me.
 I treat her just like another lil' sis of mine :)

Tourist-ish shot

4. Saveur
5 Purvis Street  Singapore 188584

French food at an affordable price.
Heard quite a bit about this place,
& J said he loves the food here.
& finally, I had the chance to try it myself!
My first try at french cuisines :D

Top Left: Barramundi with Crab Potato ($13.90)
Top Right: Crispy Duck Confit with Orange Segments and Shittake ($8.90)
Bottom LeftAngel Hair Pasta with Minced Pork ($3.90)
Bottom Right: Crispy Pork Belly with Poached Egg ($10.90)
(photos taken with iphone)

I was initially skeptical of the pasta (with sherry minced pork & sakura ebi).
hey, $3.90 only?!
It was simple, yet surprisingly savoury.
The flavours blended so well.
Simplicity at its best!

The duck confit was another favourite.
The meat was tender & moist, 
together with the flavourful shitake mushrooms & the mashed potatoes,
it was a really interesting combination for me.

Didnt really like the pork belly with poached egg though.........
To be fair, the pork belly was awesome.
Juicy meat with a crispy skin.
But i guess i wasnt really used to the combination of the poached eggs with the lentils.

Now I finally know why Saveur is gaining so much popularity!

5. Roland Seafood Restaurant
89 Marine Parade Central  440089

Thank to Salon Vim & Rolland Restaurant,
the salon vim bloggers had a chance to try the authentic crab dishes from Roland.

photo credits to: Jayne

We had soooo many yummylicious dishes & these were just some of them!

6. Old School Delights
Upper Thomson Road  574408

my second visit here,

& I really like the cozy feeling here.

Thanks to Instagram's photo map,
I managed to find the photos from my first visit! :D

So this time, I tried the Hor Fun & Sticky Chewy Chocolate Cake.

(talk about sinfulness..........)

The cake was pretty average, & a lil' too sweet for me.
I love the belachan that came with the hor fun!

7. The Coastal Settlement 
200, Netheravon Road Singapore 508529

Another popular place that has been mentioned so many times among netizens.
Please do try the Wagyu Beef Cubes if you visit!
Big juice chunks of beef cubes,
super shiooooooooook!

Sea-Salt Caramel Cheesecake.

you dont need me to say too much about this,
just look at the picture & DROOL.
TOO AWESOME, beyond words!

Last but not least, some supper suggestions.

8. Fei Fei Wanton Mee
62 Joo Chiat Place

(photo taken with iphone)

A tad too salty for my liking........

9. Chia Bee Lor Mee
Blk 10, North Bridge RoadSingapore 190010
(photo taken with iphone)

Im not a fan of lor mee,
but trust me,
this was really really gooooood.

10. Swee Choon Dim Sum
191 Jalan Besar  Singapore 208882
(photos taken with iphone)

Mee sua kueh + Pancake with egg & pork floss, my favourites!
Dont order the siew mais, they were pretty bad.

Most photos were taken with my Casio Exilim EX-JE10 :)
Have you submitted your entry to stand a chance to win a camera for yourself?!
Find out more here!

“I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food” 

-Erma Bombeck

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