f Four Hundred & Ninety Nine. -Halloween + It Takes Two (对对碰) events


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Four Hundred & Ninety Nine. -Halloween + It Takes Two (对对碰) events

October 22, 2012 / ,

had an eventful week last week! :)

Talk of the month: Halloween!
Only started attending Halloween events last year.

This year, I had a chance to experience "Deadly Ever After" haunted trail at Sentosa Magix 4D 
& Museum of Horrors @ Scape.

Blogged about the Deadly Ever After trail here
Thank you for participating in the giveaway 
& I hope the 3 winners will enjoy the trail with your invited guest! :)

Didnt take many photos, but here are some to share!
My girlfriends didnt really dare to go for the trail ;p 
& my special friend, Melissa, was overseas,
so I invited J along! 
We had tickets to the jewel box cable car ride as well, 
but we were late so.. we're heading there another day instead!! 

with Evalee :)

I think I'm quite a brave soul when it comes to such Halloween scares. :D

Had a go at the one @ Scape as well.

I like their makeup! I think they did an awesome job for the makeup.

This photo is blur......... but you can still see him right?
& the one standing between us. can you spot her?

okay, i was just kidding. hahah.

with my blogger khaki :) 

Yes, if you noticed.........
it's a new hairstyle for me now!

many many thanks to SalonVim & Lilian who did my hair :) :)
Will blog about it very soon!!

 I dont know if I'm really suited for bangs, 
just wanted to give it a try!

Had my first public appearance for It Takes Two (对对碰) 
at the 30th Drama Anniversary Roadshow at Causeway Point on Sunday. :)

Before setting off

Us, at backstage!
Photo credits to: Kym's Fan Page

We have a few other upcoming events, including press conference this week,
& the breakfast event this coming Saturday.

AND..... Have you seen the trailers?! Here you go!

6th November, 9pm on Channel 8. Two more weeks to it & I can't wait!!!!!!! :)

Ending off the post with my sunshine, my sunday joy again! :)

okiedokie, have an awesome & splendid week ahead!!!!!!! :)

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