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Five Hundred & One - Salon Vim & It Takes Two Press Conference

October 30, 2012 / , ,

that, was my long & straight but not very straight & smooth hair 
(due to perming 3 mths ago).
In fact, it was getting too dry & I needed to revive it badly.

 Thankful for Salon Vim!
A total brand new look for me now,
& I've been receiving a lot of praises for ze new hair. :D 

Le me getting my hair cut by my stylist, Lilian.
It is now shorter by quite a bit! 

Digital Perm for me again, 
because I wanted more volume for my hair, 
so say bye to straight but flat hair!

Cuenic lotion was first applied on my hair, 
followed by the curling with these.

Approximately 10-15 minutes with this machine

Next, after removing the wires,
the curl fixer was applied to help the curls stay longer.

 Had my hair washed & blown dry,
& then moved on to dye my hair.
Wanted a new (darker) colour,
so I left it to Lilian to do the magic
& mix the colours that she deemed best for me :)

Another stylist dyed my hair for me

Next, I went through the same cocktail treatment as what I had the last time,
followed by the usage of Mythic Oil + curl defining cream
This mythic oil totally saved my hair from the damage!
Perming & dyeing of hair on the same day may be pretty bad for the hair, 
but with the combination of these treatments,
my hair was spared.
In fact, it felt really smooth at the end of the treatments.

I told Lilian to go ahead & cut my fringe since I wanted a new look anyways.

TADAH!! A brand new & refreshed look!
I loveeeee the new look, how about you? :D

Thank you, Lilian!!

There were actually some hidden streaks of ash colour! 
Loves it.

Thank you Salon Vim, for reviving my hair once again!!!

Had a runway show for ESYE the next day,
& here is another style of how I look like with the new hair.

 & more photos of my new hairstyle:

at It Takes Two (对对碰)'s Press Conference 

Outfit sponsored by Atelier De L'amour 
Loves it!

who is that peeping from the back?
When 2 becomes 3,

when 3 becomes 4..... :/

& finally.... four of us! 

 with my younger brother

With Kym, as my "mum" in the show :)

As mentioned on Twitter & Weibo,
能有機會參與「對對碰」,主要是多虧一個對我很重要的人。她,就是我最敬愛的碧珠姐。。http://t.cn/zWAXTvJ 碧珠姐,謝謝您。。
 i am blessed to meet them. 

with the APs & PAs :)


You can read the full article here :)

Loving my new look;
it makes me look more refreshed & young! (AHEM)
I hope you like it too :D

Thank you, Salon Vim & Lilian,
for saving my hair!! :)

Contact Salon Vim at 68847757
& book your appointment!
Mention my name "Shine Koh" to receive 10% off :)

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