f Four Hundred & Ninety Six. -Deadly Ever After


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Four Hundred & Ninety Six. -Deadly Ever After

September 29, 2012 /

I know I've not been blogging much recently.
I've finally wrapped for It Takes Two (对对碰)& will know have a slightly less packed schedule.
So...... I will be back to blog more often! 
Will post up some photos for It Takes Two too.
Have learnt so much from this journey (okay i'll save these for another entry)
If you have been following me on Twitter/Instagram,
you should have seen some of them already :)

By the way, I last heard that Incredible Tales will be coming back soon.

 Im not too sure about the exact date yet. 
But yes, I can finally post up behind-the-scene photos for this soon too!
I think this was filmed 5-6mths ago. 
very fruitful, i would say. :)

Incredible Tales aside, did you realize that Halloween is coming?!
Last year, I attended Halloween-related events for the first time.
This year, I'm heading back to Sentosa again!
This time, it's gna be another experience; I'll be going for the Deadly Ever After Haunted Trail

A lil' more about this trail:

Starting from the entrance of Sentosa 4D Magix, and ending off at the Singapore Cable Car museum, the 288m trail unfolds a story for guests to discover the horrors of a match made in hell where an innocent young lady, Ah Ling, was forced into a Chinese ghost marriage with a dead man. When it was later found that Ah Ling was mysteriously pregnant with the child of her dead husband, she went insane and the real haunting journey starts.

Set in the 1970's, the "Deadly Ever After" haunted trail will feature different rooms of terror that will allow thrill-seekers to walk the horrifying story trail of Ah Ling through a haunted funeral home, the ghostly marriage ceremony, a surgery theatre and other fright rooms.

For more information regarding the ticket pricings, you can find out more from this website.

Main point is, I have good news for you:
I am giving out 3 pairs of premium tickets!
(The available dates for the usage of these tickets are: 19, 20, 26, 27 and 28 October 2012)

Here's a question for y'all:
Do you believe in afterlife? Why?

1. Leave a comment
2. Share your answers with me
3. Leave your name & email address

I'm looking forward to my Halloween experience this year, & I hope you'll get a chance to experience it too!
Closing date for this giveaway: 7th October 2012, 1159pm.

Flood my post with your comments! :)
  1. Yes.. I encountered it personally in my whole life when my grandma passed away.. During the funeral... I was terribly upset over it.. Then since day 1 i spotted a beautiful small butterfly roaming around me... Initially I thought it was some kind of insect just flying past it's way... However, during day 2, the same butterfly flew by again.. This was where it aroused my suspicion.. So I called out "ah ma" & the butterfly rested on my foot & flipped it's wings... To confirm again, I called out again... I immediately alerted my parents & relatives on this.. At the same time, a monk was present to discuss on the funeral issue, was alerted too.. So he walked over with a stick to let the butterfly rest on it. Hence, the monk chanted, we prayed that we will be doing good for future.. The butterfly flew off to heaven..

    The monk claimed that my grandma missed us so flew back to see us and I'm the lucky grandchildren to see such incident.. He blessed me with good luck..

    Hope my grandma is doing well in heaven.. Bless...

    1. Hi, pls provide your email address. thanks!

  2. I believe in the existence of afterlife as I personally think that the human bodies are not just composed of flesh and bones. And as amazing as how biochemistries make our system ticks, I believe at the core of our human system exists a soul, which has a major influence in how we think and what we do, and perhaps differentiate us humans from lesser beings. And when we die, we physically become non-existent in the world, but I believe we will still linger around as spirits, perhaps for a short period till recarnation or perhaps forever. We are living in a 3-dimensional world and we are able to view 2-dimensional objects. Perhaps souls and spirits exist in a 4-dimensional world and are always looking at us. That might explain why we can "feel" their presence but we can't see them (well, not all of us!). I believe this topic is still very much left open for discussion since no one has experienced death and come back living with an intact conscious mind to narrate what exactly happens after we die!

    xinhuan (xinhuan@live.com)

  3. I believe in the afterlife . Because the Chinese beliefs that there is life in heaven (hell) , during the 7 month , Chinese will burn paper money to them in the afterlife . I think that the afterlife really exsist , because we feel their presence but not see them .

  4. Yes, I do believe in afterlife. I believe that once we passed on, we will reborn and live life over and over again. This is also why we have "Deja Vue" at times, because we have been there and done that particular thing before.

    Apple (ii.cecream@yahoo.com.sg)

  5. My email is 22goldendragon@gmail.com

  6. I believe in afterlife because there is so many stories told to me by friend or even my own grandparents. And not just that, we see the older generation telling us to return home earlier during the 7th month. Hence I believe in what was told to me and still in practice today. Things happen for a reason, and that's a saying that say "不听老人言,吃亏在眼前."

    Jingting (brotherbear_jing@hotmail.com)

  7. The scientific half of me denied the existence of afterlife as there is currently no evidence or proof of the existence of afterlife. Much of the videos and photos showing the lost souls are deemed to be the results of professional Photoshop skills. This half of me still requires more concrete evidence or rather real personal encounter before i can convince this
    half to believe in afterlife.

    However, the other half of me always choose to be respectful and offers the benefit of doubt in many of the situations related to afterlife. I must confessed that this is largely due to the aftermath of horror movies, the strong belief that "something" awaits at every corner of the path home, the chill in the spine when you hear the sound of falling marbles on the ceiling and the fear to open your umbrella in your house, simply just to sun it.

    As of now,I shall take a neutral stand on afterlife, till then....


  8. I do and do not believe in afterlife . Being brought up as a typical Chinese in Singapore, i am somewhat influenced by the local Chinese culture. We believe that the souls will take on another form in the afterlife. For example, the dead might turn into a moth after they passed away, so as to visit their family members and those that they misses. If the Chinese family sees any moth/related species in their house after the funeral, the first thing that they will think of is the deceased.

    Those sharing the same culture as me will also tend to link up observations with recent events to explain recent phenomenon. These events and observations could be non--related and far fetched but somehow or rather forcefully linked up.

    People in the past . 宁可信其有,不可信其无, and even if the dead really turn into a moth and visit us in the house, I guess it wasn't a bad thing after all, since they won't harm us.

    I guess we will only know the true existence of afterlife when we get to experienced it, if it really exists, in the long years down the road.


  9. Some say there is life after death,
    How will we ever know the answer, right?
    Illusion it might be, or maybe even this thing we call life.
    Never ending questions we ask yet never answered.
    Eternally we seek for that elusive conclusion of the afterlife.

  10. name: tingyi
    email: tingyimyname@hotmail.com

    don't believe in life after death, more importantly I believe it doesn't matter if there's life after death.

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  13. Hi all!

    Thank you for participating :) Winners have been notified. Please check your email!

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    1. hi! im sorry but your entry wasnt selected this time.. i was really touched by it though. take good care because im sure he wants you to be happy too :)