f Four Hundred & Ninety One: -Chillaxing at Backyard @ Dempsey


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Four Hundred & Ninety One: -Chillaxing at Backyard @ Dempsey

September 3, 2012 /

Hello there,
September is officially here!
As I was saying, August was fruitful, 
& I'm definitely looking forward to September :)
1.5 months of filming left for 对对碰 (It Takes Two).
I know I'm definitely gna miss the filming days..
So the best thing that I can do now, 
is to cherish the remaining days & make sure I'm on form on at least 95% of the days!!

So anyways, I'm here to recommend a new chillax place for you.

Backyard @ Dempsey

Backyard sits amidst lush and mature greenery in a quaint little nook
just off the Dempsey catchment of F&B establishments.
(Yea, honestly, it's more ideal for people who drive.)
Away from the busy & crowded town area,
a cooling place to chill & relax at.
Casual, yet cozy. Made me felt peaceful once I stepped in.
It was my first time at Dempsey by the way.

“We’re all about being casual and comfortable and letting your hair down,” 
said Han, proprietor of Backyard.
“Come in your comfiest T, don those berms, lose the tie and make Backyard your 
very own."

Indeed, most of the customers were there in casual outfits.
Love this idea!

Maybeline, Weilie & I were too early,
& there were really nice by offering us drinks & allowed us to order some food first.
Lychee Freeze for me;


Maybeline & Weilie's

Randomly ordered the Fish Fingers,
which turned out to be an awesome starter for us.
Backyard makes their own sauces, & this sauce
was a really good match with the fish fingers & the big chunky fries.

Soon, the hosts & 2 other bloggers arrived.

Now, be prepared to feel hungry.

P.S Once again, as mentioned,
I lost my iPhone 4S & my camera has died on me long ago,
so..... I depended on iPhone 3GS again.

Cream of mushroom ($6.30)
Rich & creamy, with adequate amount of sliced mushrooms.
It was pretty good!

Lobster Bisque ($7.30)

 Don't know if it was just me, but I was pretty disappointed with this.
It was too salty & perhaps slightly too watery for my liking.

Spam Fries with Wasabi Mayo Dip ($9.80)
Spam fries = luncheon meat with a flossy layer of coating.
Seriously, forget all about calories & make sure you order this if you visit!!
I'm convinced that Backyard makes awesome sauces that whet your appetite.

Chargrilled Vegetables with Truffle Oil ($13.80)
This was definitely an interesting dish to me.
I liked the sweet & juicy chunks of veggies, with that tinge of grilled taste.
It was too oily for me though.
Nevertheless, if you are bored of the usual salads,
but you still want your servings of veggies,
you can consider giving this a try.

BBQ Wings
Hmmm. The BBQ sauce was good,
but I felt that the marination did not seep into the inside of the meat.
You get my drift.
So yes it was tasty on the outside, but pretty blend on the inside.

Tom Yum Seafood Spaghetti ($15.30)
I thought this was unique.
The owners wanted to create something different from the usual Marinaras,
hence the creation of this dish.
I had higher expectations & thus ended feeling slightly disappointed because the tom yum taste was not impressive.
Oh but I enjoyed the generous amount of seafood though!

 Grilled Chicken Spaghetti ($12.80)
Way too creamy for my liking.
It was just thick cream with the spaghetti,
could not taste much flavouring,
just.. cream.
or perhaps it's just me who can't appreciate creamy pastas.

 Kronenbourg Beer Battered Fish & Chips ($14.30)
I'll usually prefer breaded to battered fish,
but this time, I fell in love with this battered version.
Fresh & not overcooked,
it was tantalizing & left me wanting for more (despite a 85% full stomach).
Would like to bring my mum to try this!

As for the sides,
you can choose 2 out of side dishes:
-Mashed potato (with real chicken bits. loves it.)
-Cheese baked potato (Hello you MUST try this!!!)
-Sauteed mushrooms

Dressed up Dog ($13.80)
If you like your hotdog HOT (pun intended?), self-made chilli specially meant for this dish is available.
This will definitely leave the meat-lovers feeling SHIIIIIOOOOOK.
Forget about looking glam while eating this flavourful dish,
just eat it heartily!

Sunrise Burger with baked cheese potato ($13.30)
Firstly, yes, you gotta try this baked cheese potato.
Secondly, what I love about this burger: Runny eggyolk!!
Juicy beef patties + bacon + cheese + runny egg yolk = perfect sinful combi that is worth your calories.
With so many toppings, it was quite a challenge to eat this burger though.

US Black Angus Prime Ribeye 250g with mashed potato ($45.80)
Grilled to almost perfection, 
the meat was tender, moist & juicy.
Ain't no meat-lover but I just couldnt resist this.
Mushroom sauce was provided separately, 
but I think you don't really need the sauce at all.
Instead, try requesting for truffle salt ($2.80),
& dip your chunks of steak in it.
Come on Tuesdays for the steak because you get to enjoy 20% off the entire selection of steaks!

We were honestly 99.9% full,
but as usual, ladies always have a separate stomach for desserts. 

Affogato ($7.30)
Photo credits to: Maybeline

A shot of espresso with a scoop of clotted cream ice cream.
Refreshing, but pretty common taste, I would say.

Honey walnut panna cotta ($7.30)
Photo credits to: Maybeline

It was like tofu, but a much firmer & creamier version.
Can't really describe the taste, but it was slightly on the milky side

Blueberry version ($7.30) 
I'd go for the honey walnut if i were to choose.

Backyard @ Dempsey
Address: 130E Minden Road S(248819)
(Next to Tanglin Golf Course)
Operating hours: 11am-12am.
Contact No: 6479 0388
Email: backyard@hansolo.com.sg

It was a really enjoyable night for us.
Thank you Han, Van & Jerome for the invite,
& thank you for being so friendly & fun-loving!
Thank you for allowing me to invite Maybeline & Jerry along for this session. 

We liked the laidback ambience and are certainly gonna visit this place again, 
most probably on a Friday night.
Local bands (Jack & Rai, Charlene & Melvin, and others) will jam from 7.30pm till late, on Fridays!

  1. will u go again, if u had to pay for the food?

    1. of course!! we are already planning to go again, & this time, we are paying for sure! :)

  2. Hi Shine, love reading your blog! =)