f Four Hundred & Ninety Four. -Cocktail treatment for your hair!


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Four Hundred & Ninety Four. -Cocktail treatment for your hair!

September 18, 2012 / ,

Finally had my hair rescued few days back!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned about it in my blog before,
2++ months ago,
I actually had my hair permed & dye-d on the same day,
for my latest role in It Takes Two (对对碰).
Can you imagine the damage done to my used-to-be-very-straight-&-smooth-hair.......
hahahah I'm serious!
Even after perming, because my hair are too fine, the end-result was that it wasn't very curled,
it just became.. DRY (with slight waves, to be fair)
& with the perming aside,
my hair goes through intense heating (plus generous amount of hairspray) almost daily because of the curling of hair for filming.
Le sigh.

Thanks to Freda & Salon Vim,
I finally had my hair revived!

Yes, I had a "cocktail treatment" for my hair at Salon Vim!

my hair was checked for the condition,
& after diagnosing my hair type, Lilian (the lady who managed my hair that day) brought me for a hair wash.

Extreme CAT: Protein Reconstructing was used.
It was sprayed on & left for approximately 5-10minutes.

After rinsing it off,
"Shot Phix", a PH Balancing system was sprayed on immediately.

Following which,
comes the Cocktail Mix!
This was selected for my hair.
A total of 6 pumps of Shot Phase + Mask were used.

*Tadah* my special mix.

Lilian had to attend to a customer, & thus another guy came to help me with my hair

After applying the mixture, my hair was steamed for approximately 15minutes.

& then an application of this blow-dry lotion, before Lilian helped to me style my hair.

Thank you Lilian,
thank you @johnthamyuehan!
Salon Vim is located at 313 Somerset, #04-07/08/09.
They will be opening a new outlet soon, stay tuned!
Meanwhile, check them out on Facebook.
They are constantly giving away awesome treats for y'all!

Time to get your hair revived as well?!
Contact them at 68847757 (you can look for John Tham!)
& book your appointment!

Psst, mention my name "Shine Koh" & to receive 10% off :)

I'm definitely heading back by end of Oct to get a new change for my hair,
after wrapping for the drama.
John, save my hair!!
Meanwhile, SMILE & have an awesome week ahead! 

"Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, 
but in the ability to start over again with a smile on your face and passion in your heart."

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