f Four Hundred & Ninety; --Canto Kitchen Food Tasting


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Four Hundred & Ninety; --Canto Kitchen Food Tasting

August 26, 2012 /

Thanks to Maybeline, a group of us were invited to Canto Kitchen for a food-tasting session.

Maybeline, Yuhao & I.

Canto Kitchen is located at People Park's Complex (Chinatown),
& is the only air-conditioned restaurant in the Complex. It started its business in 2009.
Managed by two chefs, a Cantonese chef & a Malaysia chef, 
Canto Kitchen serves a wide variety of dishes,
& is very suitable for gatherings for family or friends!

So what did we have that night?

1.Braised Shark's Fins with Fish Maw 黄焖鱼鳔海鲜鱼翅
 Honestly, I struggled for very long before eating this.
Because I made a pledge to myself some time ago to avoid eating shark's fins.
I was stirring the soup non-stop and really didnt want to eat it.
Yea, but eventually I did.
Peer pressure. hahah.
But well, I would say..
please dont order shark's fins whenever you visit any restaurant, okay?
I mean.. you can support the restaurant, you can support all the dishes.
Except shark's fins.
But of course, to be fair, this is just my personal opinion.

2. Fried Prawns with Orange Sauce 香橙虾球
This is so awesome I ranked this one of my top 3 favourites!
I loved the match of the citrus taste with the prawn balls,
very refreshing.
The fruits that went along with it added an extra oomph to the flavour.

3. Home Made Bean Curd with Conpoy 干贝西施豆腐
 Whenever I go for Tze Char, I will never fail to order tofu/beancurd.
I liked the gravy because it was savoury yet not too salty.
Furthermore, broccoli is my favourite veggie & I love tofu as well,
basically this is something which I'll order again if I visit the next time.

4. Chinese Herbal Roasted Duck 十全药材烧鸭
*inserts heart-faced emoticon* at the duck's skin.
But anyways, I'm not a herbal kind of person.
I mean, I dont fancy herbal-related food i.e herbal soup, herbal chicken, etc.
Nevertheless, the herbal taste of the dish wasn't too strong,
which was good for me!

that was me, capturing my food pics with..
iPhone 3G/3Gs.
by the way, I lost my iphone 4s recently (!!!!!!!!!)
& since my camera died on me very long ago,
I am officially camera-less.
Used to depend a lot on my iphone 4s for taking pictures.
feeling so.. handicapped without it.

5. Steamed Cod Fish with Chef' Sauce 蒜椒蒸鳕鱼头
My favourite dish for the night has to be this!
I'm a fish-lover, undoubtedly.
While I was having this, I kept thinking, if it was Mummee & I having it,
we will definitely "conquer" the whole fish head,
which means, we will finish every bit of the whole fish head.

The garlic + chilli combination gave it a very fragrant taste.
The gravy was a lil' too salty for me though.
Nevertheless, the cod fish was fresh!
& the combination of the sauce with the fish was very appetizing.

6. Spare Ribs with Yam in "Zhen Jiang" Style 芋丝镇江排骨王
love the fried yam strips on top!!
The spare ribs meat were really tender.

7. Poached Spinach with Whole Garlic & 3 eggs 蒜子三蛋浸苋菜
A very simple dish, which gave a very homely feel.
A simple delicate.

8. Garlic Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice 蒜香糯米蒸螃蟹

yes, we had one each! 
Half a crab each. How blessed were we?

 I remembered telling Maybeline that I did not intend to finish the rice.
But it was so delicious that both of us finished it!

We were offered desserts as well.

6 set menus will be launched from 1st September,
ranging from a set meal for 2 pax at less than $50,
to a set meal for 10 pax at $368.

"15 dollars deal" Promotion
As of 1st September to 30th November 2012, 
Canto Kitchen will be having a joint promotion with Standard Chartered Bank.
Terms & Conditions: Promotions is not valid of Public Holidays. Minimum of 4 pax. Price is subjected to GST & Service Charge. "15 dollar deal" promotion is only valid for two set menus specifically designed for the promotion.

If you looking for a Chinese Restaurant for a gathering/ birthday dinner celebrations,
why not consider Canto Kitchen?

Canto Kitchen 广东饮食
1 Park Road
#05-01 People's Park Complex
Singapore 059108

Thank you for having us!

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