f Four Hundred & Eighty Two. -Let my heart speak louder than my head


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Four Hundred & Eighty Two. -Let my heart speak louder than my head

August 3, 2012 /

"Life has many ways of testing a person’s will – 
either by having nth happen at all, 
or by having everything happen at once." 
--Paulo Coelho

Couldn't be more apt than this.
Over the past 1++ weeks, 
my life has been nothing but fruitful, emotional, happy, confused, focused, 
& of it all, dramatic.
All at once.
Felt like a 2 months worth of life all happened in 2 weeks.
You know like how movies/dramas/stories always have those climaxes here & there?
Nah, not at the ultimate climax yet, somewhere btw the pre-climax & a mini climax.
You get my drift.

It would have been so much easier if I can just tell myself,

"These are just some challenges that God has placed me in,
God loves me, & I'll overcome these in time to come.
Have faith."
But no, I'm 22 yrs old (okay turning 23 in Dec),
I gotta handle these on my own.
I gotta make decisions,
& not leave things to God.
I guess if there was anything that I could take away from these 1++ weeks,
it would be that, I've understood myself a lil' more.

"To be happy, sometimes you just have to forget what's gone,
& look forward to what's coming next."
Will bear that in mind. :)

Nevertheless, I know how very blessed I am. :)

My Mummee, the love of my life :')

& the concern from friends,
close friends & a few whom I didn't expect. 
Really appreciate them :)
Last but definitely not least, my bestfatfriend.
This woman, my female soulmate.
My ultimate mindreader.
It's really like she planted a cctv in my head,
she knows exactly what mental struggles are going through my mind,
& she almost never fails to get them spot on.
So much so that it gets kinda freaky at times!
We don't even meet up often at all,
but at my lowest points (& happy times too),
she is always here.
All I need to do, is to summarize my feelings in a text or two,
& she can immediately analyze what's on my mind.
& she'll tell me things that make a whole lot of sense,
things that can slap me awake.

You know how they say that a soulmate completes you?

"That’s what a soulmate is—a mirror, a reflector who you should be grateful to, 
for aiding your growth as a person and for helping you look better—to yourself and to others."

She has got to be the one for me. 
10 years of friendship, no joke. 

We both went through a similar thought-process,
& are both in a similar situation now.
Graduated from university, but instead of following the normal path,
we are pursuing our passion, our dreams.
As she puts it, "因为走的路跟人家不一样,所以要比人家更努力!"
(Because the path we have chosen are different from others,
we have to work even harder than others!)

My bestie started her very own registered sports events company,
together with another good friend of hers.

Player events, is a pit stop for team sport players.
"For schools sourcing for a sports event planner,
 or team-sports players in search of competition exposure, 
or even corporate clients seeking a reliable source to host your company’s sporting events, 
PLAYER is the answer to your needs."

It's never easy to start a business on your own.
Especially the beginning, always the toughest.
But I'm so proud of her.
Her determination and hardwork has brought her this far. :')

If you are a sports lover like me,
or you enjoy reading motivational quotes/videos/stories,
please "like" them on Facebook!
Here's the link: Player Events

Help me by supporting my bestie, okie?
I will be very very glad & grateful. :)

This post is as random as it is,
but here's wishing that August will be as Awesome as I expected.
It will be!
First weekend of August is here, 
have a good one, everybardi! :)

  1. i'm taking ur last pic to korea n asking hairdresser to do tt for me!! HAHAHAHAHA

    1. Heheheh are you sureeeeee. an investment in a good tongs is all you neeeeed. i have lobang. WANT? i need to buy toooo