f Four Hundred & Eighty Seven. La Villa Restaurant;


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Four Hundred & Eighty Seven. La Villa Restaurant;

August 17, 2012 / ,

Because I had $200 vouchers to spend, 
I decided to bring my family to La Villa for a good dinner for sis's birthday :)

La Villa
341 River Valley Road

#01-03 Singapore 238372

Their first visit to an Italian restaurant! :)


1. Penne Pasta with spicy Tomato sauce and Crab Meat (Large): $24
I only had one/two mouthful of this so I couldn't really comment much.
I liked the tomato base,
which was not too thick, yet rich in taste.

Would be better if I requested to add in chilli padi.
hahahah im weird like that, but i like to add chilli padi to my tomato-based pasta!

2. Seafood Platter for 2: $58
Rock Lobster, Prawns, Sea bass fillet, Snapper fillet, Black Mussels, Lemon Sole + 2 side dishes
Hello im a hopeless seafood fan.
Anything seafood, I LOVEEEEEE.
It was a challenge for me to eat the lobster atas-ly though. 
The prawns were not fantastic though,
quite disappointing.

3. Lobster Burger $22
I liked the sauce, & the Boston lobster was pretty chunky & shiok.
The buns had a tinge of sweetness too.
But I would have ordered beef burger if not for bro-in-law :D

4. Spring Chicken: $30
Oven-roasted marinated Spring Chicken with Lemon, Sage and Rosemary, Potatoes, Mesclun Salad and Cherry Tomatoes
 hmmm...... my least favourite among all.
1. had such a tough time cutting it to split into the portions for all of us. 
hahahah seriously it was tougher than weights training
2. too salty for my liking. 
3. $30 for half a spring chicken, not worth in my opinion.

 The sauce was pretty okay for me, but my sis didnt quite like the taste.

5. Frutti di Mare: $24 
(thin crust) Tomato, Mozzarella, Prawns, Scallops, Mussels, Calamari, Clams

We ordered this after finishing the previous 4 dishes.
Very filling, very satisfying!
Would have been even more awesome if there were more ingredients.
Okay but that's just me being greedy. 

6. Tiramisu: $14

There is always room for dessert :)
The staff recommended this to us because it is one of their signature dishes.
There wasn't a strong alcohol taste, it was more to the lighter side,
very delightful.

Last but not least, the service was pretty awesome.
I liked how polite and helpful they were to us,
even though they knew we were using the vouchers.
Thank you, La Villa, for making it a good experience for my family members :)

my lil' sunshine :)

Happy birthday sis!
I'm sure you enjoyed your surprises this year :)
Bro-in-law is not a romantic guy,
but he is definitely one of the rare good men around.
Thank you, for being ever so supportive.
I will work very hard, & that is my best way to thank you.
Please remember to save up so that we can really bring Mummee to Hong Kong next year!!!!!!

In time of test, family is the best :)

my love, for life.
When I'm home, I feel safe & protected.
No matter how tough things may get,
I know everything will be alright so long as Mummee is by my side.

Plus, I have my lil' joy to cheer me up! :) :)