f Four Hundred & Eighty Nine; -Meme It Like You Mean It!


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Four Hundred & Eighty Nine; -Meme It Like You Mean It!

August 25, 2012 /

*Kids, please do not practise this at home!*

Looking for a new lappy?
If you have been reading my blog, 
you should have heard from me on why Toshiba Satellite M840 might just be the one for you!

Toshiba started a #memeitlikeyoumeanit series,
& some of them are so epic (& I like them!).

One does not simply forget about our sticker lady;

You Dont Say!

The colours that we choose are good representative of our personalities,
showing truly our characters n :)

But my personal favourite is the Gold Blaze!!

Be the trendsetter!

Ahem, once again. Kids, do not try this in school.

True story, bro.
With the enhanced core processor, 
multitasking can now be made so much easier.
You can now switch between the windows at an efficient rate.
No more lagging with Toshiba Satellite M840!!

At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold and inside are your dreams waiting to come true!

Remember to send in your story for
"Be a Satellite Star".
I've shared mine with you, time to share your story!!

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