f Four Hundred & Eighty Four. -Toshiba Satellite M840.


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Four Hundred & Eighty Four. -Toshiba Satellite M840.

August 8, 2012 / ,

Filming for "It Takes Two" (对对碰) has started a month ago.
Filming can be tiring & brain-draining, but definitely satisfying.
I was in a zombified for the first week because I basically survived on 3 hrs of slp for 8 days straight!
Had filming in the day followed by rehearsals for Miss Singapore International at night.
It was a really tiring week but I was in motivated mode, because acting is what I love;
I'm doing what I love, & pursuing my passion :)

Will be busy with filming the next 3 months, 
which means I'll be out for work most of the times,
and what I really need now, is a trusty laptop that I can bring along with me anywhere,
so that I can work on the go! 
I usually have waiting time in between, & when I'm travelling to different locations.
It will be really good if I can make full use of the waiting time to get some work done.
I.e editing photos & BLOG!!!!!!
My current laptop is dyinggggg on me.
& guess what? I am lucky.
Because I found the one that I really want now!!

Toshiba Satellite M840

Lemme share with you more, so that you'll know why I really want this now!


With an unique metallic mirror finish, the colour choices are really vibrant and appealing.
  • Gold Blaze
  • Blue Horizon
  • Pink Blush

My pick will be Gold Blaze. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. It's so beautiful!!!!!!
Classic & timeless. Simple, yet elegant. Exactly the style that I am looking for.

Appearance aside, let us take a look at the usability to see why I think this is perfect for me:


  • Sleek Profile: slim & lightweight
    Perfect for me to carry everywhere, on top of my huge bag!
  • Sleep & Charge: Devices can be charged even in shutdown mode
    I need this!! Sometimes I reach home really late from work & I need to charge my portable charger.
    So if I can charge it in shutdown mode, at least I will not feel that guilty for "wasting" electricity.
  • Eco Utility: Lowers power consumption & prolong battery life
    You know how you dont get to find plugs everywhere when you are outside. This is important!!
  • HDMI Port: high-end multimedia on the go

& now, the technical part:

  • Full processing power: Configured with the latest generation of up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor
    With Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, you will be able to enjoy superior speed, effectively decreasing waiting time. 
  • Excellent graphic performance: up to 2GB external video graphics
  • USB 3.0: 10x faster than USB 2.0 ports
  • SRS Premium Sound: Fulfil your multimedia pleasure with the deep rich bass and crystal clear sound.   
  • Resolution +: Upconverts your standard definition videos to virtually high definition quality. Clearer, sharper & richer. 
In short, two words: Amazing Experience.
The processor, audio, resolution & graphic performances ensure that we can have an amazing experience with the awesome visuals, be it watching videos, editing photos or playing games. I really hate it when my videos cant load seemlessly, or when I cant switch my applications smoothly without that lag. These enhancements in the processor can certainly help me in multi-tasking. This is really important because I need to grab whatever free time I have to do my tasks efficiently!

A Reflection of You.
Besides fulfilling our everyday work/needs, I believe our choice of laptop defines us as well. Dont you think so? It really shows our personalities & in a way, it's a true reflection of us. 

I've been trying to find the right companion, & now, I'm so glad I found it.
Finally found an unique colour which I'm totally in love with, & besides the colours, the features are equally attractive!

Wait.......... I have something else to share with you guys!
Click HERE to read on 3 personal inspiring stories from 3 young Asians, who wanted their stories to be shared! 
Do you have a story or a dream to share too? 
Just click on the link above, and submit a story to share and it might be selected and produced for everyone else to see!

Well, my favorite of the 3 would be our local inspiring singer – Tay Ke Xin :)

She first quit her corporate job as a Brand Executive at a local telecom firm to take up singing as a career. She first discovered her passion for singing after taking part in NUS Jazz Band (Yes, she graduated with a  Bachelor of Social Science degree in Psychology from NUS). Sounds like a pity to drop a stable full-time job to pursue her hobby and dream yes?
I think it takes for one to be BOLD to make a move like her. 
And it’s something most of us fear, that what if” we fail…. Just “what – if
She took that step. 
And now she’s the co-founder of Sparkle Live Music (a music events company). 
She had also performed previously in a Taiwanese program Super Idol 2011, and is planning to launch an EP by end of 2013. 
Currently, she can be found performing at nightspots like Switch by Timbre every Thursdays and Quarubar every Friday night.
Woah! Trust me, I’m super impressed! 
I really love it when I see others pursuing & working hard towards their dreams. :)
It really motivates me, as I am embarking on a journey to pursue My Dream, as well.

You can click HERE to watch her video, or to watch the other 2 inspiring videos too! 

Last but not least, for more information, you can find out from here! :) 

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