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Four Hundred & Eighty Six; Be a satellite star!

August 15, 2012 /

Be A Satellite Star

If you have been following me on Twitter,
you would have realized my regular tweets about #BeASatelliteStar.
Be a satellite star.
What is this about?

Do you have a personal experience that you think will inspire people?
Do you wish to share your story on how you went after/are pursuing your dreams, your passion?
Do you want to have a video of your story produced, to inspire others?

To help you to have a clearer idea of what this is about, lemme tell you more about this contest!

Do you remember that in my previous entry, I mentioned about these 3 young Asians, who had their own inspiring stories to share?
Today, I will share with you more about them!

1. Tay KeXin

As I mentioned in my previous post, if I were to choose, she will be my favourite of the 3.

She first quit her corporate job as a Brand Executive at a local telecom firm to take up singing as a career. She first discovered her passion for singing after taking part in NUS Jazz Band (Yes, she graduated with a  Bachelor of Social Science degree in Psychology from NUS). Sounds like a pity to drop a stable full-time job to pursue her hobby and dream yes?
I think it takes for one to be BOLD to make a move like her. 
And it’s something most of us fear, that what if” we fail…. Just “what – if
She took that step. 
And now she’s the co-founder of Sparkle Live Music (a music events company). 
She had also performed previously in a Taiwanese program Super Idol 2011, and is planning to launch an EP by early 2013. 
Currently, she can be found performing at nightspots like Switch by Timbre every Thursdays and Quarubar every Friday night.

Watch what Kexin has to say:

Favourite quote from her: “Am I scared? I am. But will it ever stop me? I’d say, never.”
Why is she my favourite among all 3? 
In a way, I find her story pretty similar to mine. :)

I graduated from NTU with a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy one year ago. Instead of choosing the usual path, I took the courage to follow my passion i.e. acting. I rejected a full-time job offer in one of the Big 4 auditing firms, which was a big decision in my life. I chose to take the risk & follow my dreams. It was a risk for me as I still had my university tuition loan to pay off. Meanwhile, I also took up tuition and modeling assignments & eventually paid off my loan. My family is not well-to-do at all, but I did not allow financial capabilities to stop me from going after my goal. Neither should you!!

My motto in life:
"If you don't try, you miss all your chances."

Currently, I am enjoying my job so much that it doesn’t feels like work at times.
At times when you feel discouraged, 
just take a look at the people around you who are working towards their dreams as well. 
Surround yourself with positive people, who will motivate & encourage you. :)

If you find her inspiring & would like to know more about her,
here are her sites: 

You can also read her blogpost on the making of this Toshiba Satellite Star video :)

2. Adina

Inspired by her great grandfather's photos of a traditional Sudanese dance, Adina decided to learn it herself. She was deeply attracted to it &; had a strong will to keep the tradition alive. She wanted the world to see it. Picking up from scratch, &; with her determination, time, effort &; hardwork, eventually, she mastered the dance. 
After mastering it, she worked on her proposal, & began visiting different studios with the proposal, in hope that she would be given the opportunity to present her dance so as to let people know about this traditional dance. After several rejections, she decided to perform on the streets. She wanted to be seen. She made it, and since her performance was well-received by the audience, she was eventually featured in the local newspaper. Adina now tutors young children and anyone interested in learning this long forgotten art.
She has truly shown us how her passion for the dance transcends time.
Woah, her determination is really admirable! :) *thumbs up*

Check out her video:

Favourite quote from her: “When everything seems to get in the way, the only thing that can overcome them, is courage.”

If you find her inspiring & would like to know more about her,
here are her sites:

3. Nattaphoon Ong

Nattaphon Ong graduated from Far Eastern University (FEU), &; is currently an Art teacher in Chiang Mai. Drawing is his passion &; drawing common people is what he enjoys. You will be amazed by what he does! He shows his gratitude via the act of giving. He wanted to give back to the people who inspired his art in the first place. 
&; so, he walked around the streets to take photos of the random strangers, head home to draw them, &; traveled back to the places to give the drawings to the people. He truly enjoys seeing the genuine smiles on their faces, &; that makes him truly happy. 
This guy, is a giver. I'm inspired by his act of giving. When you are a true giver, you'll realize that you receive so much more. The more we give back to others, the more comes back into our lives. :) 

Check out his video:

Favourite quote from him: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

 If you find him inspiring 
would like to know more about him,
this is his site: 

Have their stories inspired you? 
They did inspire me!! 
The videos gave me an extra motivation to overcome the uncertainties I'm dealing with, 
& to keep going after my dream. :)
Now that you have heard the stories, it's time to share yours!! 

Click HERE!
The closing date of submission is 31st August 2012.
All ze best!! :)

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