f Four Hundred & Seventy Six. -Mactrix Portable Charger


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Four Hundred & Seventy Six. -Mactrix Portable Charger

July 18, 2012 /

Quite a number of people have asked me about my portable charger.
Seriously, portable charger is my life saviour!!!!
I'm usually out for work the whole day,
& as you know........
I am always using my phone for emails/twitter/instagram/facebook/weibo/tumblr.
so many apps, it's no wonder my battery always depletes fast.
I always tell my friends,
"When there is Shine, there is charger."
Cannot imagine my life without it!

Now, lemme tell you the awesome brand that I'm using now:


Encased in luxurious metallic finishes and available in a spectrum of colours,
Mactrix Power offers mobile power solutions specially designed for charging smartphones,
tablets and other portable electronic devices, in range of power capacity 
for the different needs of both businesses and consumers on the go.

 1. Mactrix Power 2200 ($49)

2. Mactrix Power 4400 ($79)

3. Mactrix Power 10000 ($129)

Mactrix Power is equipped with battery light indicator and flash light feature,
& each model comes with a carrying case as well as different charging connectors,
for different devices.

The one that I'm currently using, is Power 4400 in red.
Loves it!
You know how some chargers do not allow you to charge fully to 100% at all?
Those square square cute cute ones?
This one that I'm using, allows me to charge to 100% for at least 2 times.
Exactly what I need!!!!!
With this charger, I no longer have to worry about my phone "dying" while I'm still at work.

If you are very dependent on your phone (just like meeeee),
it's time to invest in one Mactrix Power.
It'll save you, trust me. :D

Mactrix Power can be bought at all istudio outlets.

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