f Four Hundred & Seventy Seven. --Age is wisdom, not burden.


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Four Hundred & Seventy Seven. --Age is wisdom, not burden.

July 20, 2012 /

Photo credits to: Studio Friend

During my Miss Singapore International 2012 Finals' Q&A Segment,
I was given a question, which goes something like,
"Singapore is becoming an ageing society. How do you think we should prepare ourselves?"

& I answered something like this,

I had an opportunity to visit Lions Home for the Elders, & had a chance to interact with some of them. 
One of them actually told me, "i feel so useless, & helpless most of the times. At times, i feel unwanted.." 
That made me realized how important it is to allow them to feel loved, and wanted.

I believe the best way for us to prepare ourselves is to create a mind shift in people.
The word "ageing" should not even be taken negatively. 
As the chinese saying goes, “家有一老,如有一宝。”
Let's look at it this way,
we should see it in a way that an ageing population means that we will have more people with 
expertise & experience to help us. 
The elders will feel that they are still important and needed, this way, they will be happier. 
& we will all be happier.

I know my answer wasn't complete and there were so many things I wished I included,
but aiya, I couldnt think so much on the spot, on the stage!

I think we really should all learn to show empathy
towards the less fortunate around us.. 
You know, our companion for that short 1-2 hours made such a big difference to them..
The joy on some of their faces when we arrived,
& the sadness when we had to leave..
Indescribable feeling..

Treat them with utmost respect;
CARE: Care&Concern, Attention, Responsibility&Respect, Empathy.
Make them feel loved.
If you are someone who treats them like dirt,
I despise you.
I do know of a relative of mine who treats my grandma so badly.
I despise her, alot.

I know my post sounds incoherent somehow,
but I can't really sort out my thoughts right now.
But I hope you got my drift..

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