f Four Hundred & Seventy Five. -OFFICIALLY DEBT-FREE!


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Four Hundred & Seventy Five. -OFFICIALLY DEBT-FREE!

July 17, 2012 /

Success Kid - Officially debt-free i did it!!!

I need to express my joy.. I did it! Yes I did it! 

I am officially debt-free!!!!!!!!!!!
I've cleared my university tuition loan! 
Started paying in October last year, & now I'm done with it.
Do you know how relieved I am?!
It's like an ultra heavy load off my chest!

After graduation last year, I was worried about my loan. Especially since I chose a route less taken.. I rejected Deloitte's offer & didn't settle in an auditing firm despite holding an Accountancy degree from NTU. I chose to follow my passion, which also meant a less stable income. My family is not well-to-do, I knew I had to pay off everything on my own asap because of the cumulative interest. I knew I was taking a big risk.

My first payment was a mere $200 deducted directly from GIRO. Soon after, I found out that out of the $200 paid, $70+ went to interest payment. That was a killer sum. From then, I told myself that I am not gna let the interest accumulate any further. I gave myself 1.5 yrs to clear my loan.

I worked as hard as I could. Took up as many shoots, events, short films, corporate video shoots, as possible. There were a few awkward moments when I met people from my uni course, working at CBD area, while I was working for the events. For a moment, I was worried about how others may think of me. They were in business attires, I was in a white dress/Manila shopper romper/polo tee with jeans. Then, I got over it. I told myself, I know the events that I did, were all decent ones. I made sure I only took up jobs that did not involve skimpy/revealing outfits, or wrong product image. I knew I had to protect myself no matter how attractive the pay may be. I knew that I was working for the events for survival. One thing I really need to say, people should stop stereotyping girls who do events. Ive met so many who are really nice and good ladies. Oh of course there are some who are superficial & all, but let's not go into that. At least the ones whom I'm closer with/always work with, are really "guai" ladies. 
So anyways, back to topic..

For the past 10months, besides food, transport, giving allowance to Mummee, bills, occasional shopping for facial products & minimal shopping for clothes, the rest of my money all went to the loan repayment. I've been avoiding some meetups just so that I wont spend money on expensive dining. of course I still meet up with my good friends! But we go for budget meals i.e kopitiam, food court, hawker centres. :D 

& now.. Finally!!!!! I'm done with the loan!
Happy grin meme
So so happy. 
Mummee is very happy too! :')

I have many things on my list now that i've cleared the loan:

1. Save up to bring Mummee to Hong Kong next year!!!! It's gna be her first flight and i cant wait!!!!
2. To be able to give Mummee enough allowance for her to retire!!
3. Invest in a good camera
4. Buy an Air Fryer!!!! swear it's one of the best inventions ever. Have tried the food "fried" using it. IN LOVE WITH THE FRYER!!
5. Buy a steamer for Mummee to use. Easier as compared to ironing!
6. Revamp my wardrobe! :O Dont remember when was the last time I shopped! 
7. In the long run, save up to buy a car.
8. Save, save, save!

Being "debt-free" is like beginning a brand new chapter. 
Now I can focus on my career & other things that I want to achieve.

Derpina Happy Kitteh
  1. Congratulations on clearing your debt!!! It is not easy to be paying it on your own a very commendable feat. GREAT JOB!!! More people in your generation should have the same mentality like you do and not waste time clubbing, slacking off and wasting their $$$ all away :)

    1. hey! thank you.. :) i really wanted to clear it fast so that i dont have to pay interests to the bank! hahah