f Four Hundred & Seventy Three; Kaitlyn turned 3!


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Four Hundred & Seventy Three; Kaitlyn turned 3!

July 4, 2012 /

About 1.5 months ago (i totally forgot to blog about this!!), 
my sunshine turned 3!

She has many similarities as me, almost like my own lil' girl :')

She calls me "Mama Ahyi" :D

Her cutesy birthday cake, bought by her mum aka my sis!

She was so excited about her cake since dinner time.

with her mummy & daddy <3

my loves!

Masak-masak aka cooking set from Joyce

 Kaitlyn's smile stiffened after smiling for so many shots.

Mirror-image with her daddy 

 Aye, i have many names for her.

sunshine/precious/sweetie/cutie pie/princess :D

this photo made me laughed real hard once I saw it!
I remember seeing it at 6am,
right before I left Singapore for my Genting trip with Mummee.
Laughed for a good 15minutes, seriously.
look at her squeezed face!!!!!!!!!!
my cutie pieeeeeee.

My niece is officially 3 years old now :')
She has really brought so much joy to all of us since the day that she was born..
watching her grow up is sucha bliss.
I'm so glad to be able to guide her, to educate her, to play with her,
to read to her, to.. let her bully. 

Kaitlyn is a lil' slower than most kids at this age,
in the sense that kids at 3 yrs old are usually very talkative by now,
but she still cant really speak in sentences, or phrases.
She can understand what we say most of the times,
she can address all of us (since very long ago),
she can speak some words,
she knows how to identify all our clothes & help my Mummee with the keeping of the clothes,
she knows what food she likes/dislikes,
she knows who to bully (grandma & daddy) & she knows who will be fierce to her (sis & I),
she uses actions to try to explain what she wants,
but she just do not know how to speak in sentences/phrases.
I am worried, in fact.
I've tried to encourage her to speak all the time.
Teaching her new words, making her say some words if she wants to eat something,
reading storybooks to her, repeating the same few words to let her remember them..
Most people told me to just give her more time.
But I hope they understand that it is pretty worrying on our side as well..

There was a period of time, she kept biting her classmates from the childcare centre.
That made us even more worried.
I know she bit them prolly only because she did not know how to express herself.
Can someone tell me how we can stop her from doing that?
I used the education method, & kept on explaining to her that it is not right,
& she cannot bite her classmates.
I told her, if her classmates take her toys,
say "No" &/or inform the teacher.
I think she understood what I said, I could see..
She has stopped for about 2 weeks already & I really hope the biting do not start again.....

& then, that day, I randomly tested her on numbers..
& can you imagine my joy when I realized she could read out all the numbers in English?
(even though some were not accurately pronounced)
She could!!!!!!
I was so so overjoyed, & so was Sis. :')

Kaitlyn, our lil' princess.
I'll do my best to make sure we provide the best for you.
Mama Ahyi loves you, a lot. :)
my happy pill, always. <3

  1. nice n cute post ;-);-);-) hope she wll grow up as a chiobu healthy gal ;-);-);-)

    study hard:-):-):-)

  2. Perhaps you can consider sending your cutie pie to 豆豆班:) there are children of the same age as her and it can help her to better her interaction skill:) not to worry too much though,I'm sure she will grow up happy and fine;)

  3. Thank you for your suggestion.. :) she is in childcare now.. There are teachers and other kids around but she still cant form phrases yet..thank you! I hope everything will be fine too :)

  4. You can buy some flash cards for her . Like the picture and ask her to say what it is. :)

    1. yup we have it too! thanks for your suggestion :)