f Four Hundred & Sixty Three. -Resorts World Genting Day 2 Part I


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Four Hundred & Sixty Three. -Resorts World Genting Day 2 Part I

June 8, 2012 / , ,

Genting Day 2- Part I

Day 2 was so fulfilling that I have decided to split into two entries,
so that it wont be overoverloaded with photos.
Now, it's just overloaded. okay not funny but you get my drift :D


Breakfast buffet at Coffee Terrace

Unexpectedly nice ambience!

It actually kinda brightened up my day 
when I realized we were having our breakfast buffet at such a nice place.

Lots of variety for us to choose from!
See this.


I like to start my buffet meal with fruits usually :D

Time to indulge in the food!!

Mummee 很好命。
She just had to sit there and waited for me to get all the food to the table for us!
Heheheh. Actually......
I'm more auntie than her. #truestory.

The food was good!
Yong tau foo, dim sum, kway teow, fishball noodles, 
roti john, western food, oats, porridge, pastries, etc.

Ended the meal with yogurt & fruits again. 
You have no idea how much fruits I can eat.

After a filling breakfast, we took a short walk and headed to the theme park!

Candy theme;

I love this pic :')

Now you know my cutecute Mummee's height!!

I'm actually the tallest in my family!
Even my dad is slightly shorter than me.

This is sucha cheesy pose. 
but our mums are so "IN", they joined in for this. <3 

It was a good hair day for me,
I woke up with slight wavy & volumized hair. LOVES IT.

Truth be told, Miyo & I did not play any ride.
I am not a fan of thrill rides AT ALL.
I tried the rides when I went to Genting back in 2010,
& I burst into tears when I took the Spaceshot.
Like this.

But, I took it okay!

I cannot take this ride as well, 

because I will get giddy.
I have quite bad motion sickness.
I am the kind that will get giddy if I turn on the spot for 5 rounds.

Joyce & Melissa took the ride together!
Spot Joyce camwhoring ;p

We took a monorail, which took us on a slow tour around the outdoor and indoor theme park.
The ride was approximately 20minutes.

Beautiful sight of the clouds!! 


No guts to try this,


Kids can enjoy themselves too!
There are a lot of rides for the kids & I saw all of them having so much fun.

soft toys!

Mummee cutecute :) :)

Family fun!

okay I made her pose for this shot. HAHHAH

Even though we didnt take the rides at all,
I could see that Mummee was happy to be able to explore the theme park.
It was an eye-opener for her!

while the girls rushed for Baskin Robbins,
I chionged for Roasted Chestnuts instead.
HAHAHHAH auntie to the max,

eh, but I really like chestnuts a lot!
Mummee loves it too.

we bought a RM$3 ice cream instead,
but it was good enough to win my Mummee's cute smile.

& uh, my retardness. 

Joyce bought these kaya balls,
which were delicious!
Small delights :)

Lunch was at Hainan Express.

Assam Laksa for me;

& prawn noodles for Mummee!

I loved the assam laksa.
Right amount of spicyness + sourness.
Craving for it now!!
The prawn noodles was slightly too salty for my liking,
but I guess it was only because they put in a generous amount of prawn paste.

Casey (our client from RWG) ordered these toasts

super shiok!
Just that the toasts were a tad too dry.

After lunch, we made our way to the next destination, 
one of the highlights of the trip!

No.. not the clown. 
We just happened to bump into him.

He was so funny, & he entertained all of us (especially Joyce's Mum)

THIS, was the highlight: M Spa.

They have a huge gym inside, which looked so awesome!!
You see, guys, if you are at Genting with a group of friends,
you can leave the girls to shop on their own while you come for the gym.
I'm serious. The gym is so awesome.

Even Mummee had a try at it. HAHAHH!

& now, let's take a look at the spa rooms

I took a couple room with Mummee. 
Tell you ah, she was so shy, I kept laughing at her.

It was her first-ever massage & bodyscrub session!!
However, because she has arthritis, which means that her bones & joints are not that strong.
So throughout the session, I kept reminding the lady to be gentle & not to exert too much pressure.
& also, I kept asking Mummee, "Is it okay? Is it too painful?"
Very naggy, I know. 
But the lady was nice & smiled at me whenever I asked.
I had to ensure that my Mummee was in safe hands!!
In any case, both ladies were very professional & friendly.
They made us feel really comfortable.
Such an enjoyable experience for us.
Asked Mummee, "Shiok?!"
She nodded her head, & with a wide smile, 
she said "爽!(shiok!)"
Actually, it has always been a goal for me to bring Mummee to facials & spa in future.
She has never pampered herself to such treats before!
So I will make sure I do that in future!!
I want her to enjoy some taitai life. She really deserves it.

Teas & fruits for us after a really relaxing session.

took a shower, & hanged around at the reception area,
the place which we really loved, because....
WIFI was available there!!
hahahah. We were so 3G/wifi-deprived.
Social media addicts.
Imagine the joy on our faces.
Actually, wifi is available at many locations (WIFI Availability),
we just didn't hang out at those locations. 

Anyhows, at the same time, I can't deny that it felt good to be less dependent on the phone.
Instead of holding on to my phone, I was holding Mummee's hand most of the times.
It felt good, very good. :)

with Casey;

shopped for a while before we went for dinner.
Dinner was at Happy Valley Seafood.

1. Four Combinations
So similar to wedding dinner's dish. (Cold plate, you know?!)
Loves it!

2. Vege Shark Fin Crab Meat Soup
Initially, I thought it was real shark fins & didnt want to eat it.
Realized it's vege shark fins, phewwww.
3. Plain Poach Prawn
the gravy was gooooooood. 

4. Steamed groupa
Frankly, I felt that the fish we had at day 1 was better. :X

5. Fried Rice

6. Roasted & Steamed Duck
First try at steamed duck!!
Bottomline: you should just stick to roasted duck.
HAHAHAHH. this, we all agreed.
7. Braised Sea Cucumber & Clams
Mummee loves sea cucumber!!
So I guess this was her favourite. 

8. Sea Coconut

9. Pancake.
This was tasty. Light, yet delightful.

After a filling dinner,
it was Sam Hui's concert for us up next.
Eventful day indeed! 
Mummee & I were exhausted, but happy. 
Will continue with it & Day 3 in another post! :) :)

Meanwhile, you can read about Day 1 if you have not read it! :)

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