f Four Hundred & Seventy; -Mummee's Bday!


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Four Hundred & Seventy; -Mummee's Bday!

June 27, 2012 / , ,

For Mummee's bday this year, we brought her to Uncle Leong Seafood.
It was my suggestion.
I've tried Melben Seafood before,
so this time, I wanted to give Uncle Leong a try.
(since they used to be side-by-side at AMK)

Uncle Leong Seafood
6 Tebing Lane, #01-03

Punggol East, Singapore 828835


Uncle Leong Seafood no longer operates at Ang Mo Kio.
Instead, it currently has its branches at Punggol & Toa Payoh area.
We went to the Punggol outlet.

 A prawning area right beside Uncle Leong.
I've never tried prawning before leh!

Was surprised to see this nice scenery!

We took the outside seats, & thus, we had this awesome view while we dine.

Punggol is pretty impressive huh!

this was where we were seated at

Quick view of the place

ohai, that's my cutie pie. ^^

I wore the floral dress again!
Yes, when I like a particular dress,
I will wear it often, & I dont see anything wrong with it :)
Loving my current set of accessories as well!
They match with almost anything.

With the Female Lead for that evening. heheheh
The love of my life :)


& the feasting began! 

1. Sambal Fried Rice

I liked it! 
Generous amount of Tau Gey. 
So if you are not a fan of it, let them know that you don't want it in your rice!
We didnt save this for Beee, who joined us later from his appointment.
Because........ we knew it will be too spicy for him. ;p

2. Brocolli with scallop
Nothing can go wrong with broccoli.
I said it only because it's my fav veggie.hahah.
$25 for this.. hmmm a lil' pricey to me.

3. Steamed Fish 
I still couldn't accept the fact that we paid $50+ for this fish.
It was sis who ordered the dishes, because I joined a lil' later.
But of course, she ordered it because Mummee likes to eat fish.
So I wouldnt blame her at all.
But srsly, $50+ for this fish?!!?!??!
Super not worth it, to be frank.
I thought it was just average............
So I told sis, the next time we visit a place well-known for crabs,
don't need to order fish!

4. Coffee spare ribs, $15 I think.
Felt that the coffee taste could have been stronger,
but overall, it was pretty good still.

5. Salted Egg Crab aka the supporting lead for the dinner that night
Mummee & I felt that this dish was too salty for our liking,
but Bro-in-law & Beee loved it.
I think this dish will be good if you eat together with plain rice though!
Think the one I had at Uncle Melben wasnt as salty & I remembered that I liked it alot.
Shall order Chilli Crab the next time!
6. Crab Bee Hoon aka the main lead!
HOMYGOD. Best dish of the night.
Love the soup!!!!!
The crab was fresh & the soup has this tinge of sweetness to it.
AIYO craving for this again!!!
I didnt have any pincer that night because there were only 4 pincers
& I sacrificed.
So the next time, I shall have the pincer! :D

Total bill amounted to $249, which came as a shock :O
Anyways, there are no prices stated in the menu, so I would suggest that you ask about the prices before ordering! hahah.
Nevertheless, it was a good meal because Mummee enjoyed it.
Plus the view we had was pretty awesome.

Look at this naughty girl!

sweet sweet smile with her daddy :)

sis was jealous & wanted a photo too!

& I managed to capture this :')

my lil' sunshine!

that was a forced smile from her because she was throwing tantrums before that. hahah

:) :) :)

happy bellies, happy us!

On Mummee's actual birthday,
I cooked dinner for the family!

Dish #1: Golden Pillow (I anyhow one laaaaa) 
A random dish which I thought of......
& it turned out fantastic!
(hahahh self-praise)

I could have wrapped it in a more appealing way though......
Okay, point noted. :D

Dish #2: Assam fish with assorted veggies & mushrooms
Cant really claim credit for this because it was from a pre-made assam paste bought from supermarket. 

#Dish 3 was just egg with the meat that I marinated from Dish #1

Mummee, Sis & Bro-in-law liked my dishes & heh,
that made me so happy! :)

Strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves.
I'm not usually a fan of cream at all,
but this cake was good because the cream felt light.
Try it! :)

look at Kaitlyn.
How engrossed in the cake.......

told her to smile, & her eyes were still glued to the cake.

STILL bio-ing the cake.......

A happy photo with Grandma!

Mummee, we love you!!!!!!!
& we hope you will stay happy forever. :) :)
Your smile makes us smile. :')
  1. Hi

    Wish that Uncle Leong remains at AMK. Now they have shifted =(

    Broccoli(my favourite too) also has lots of health benefits.

    My dad always warn me not to order steam fish at any zi char shop or restaurants as it will be pricey.

    How much were the crabs?

    If I may suggest next time try 'Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood'. Reasonable prices.

    1. but there is still melben seafood at amk!
      yup this steamed fish was really overpriced. usually it's just 20++ to 30++.
      total 2 crabs for 115. thanks for the suggestion! shall check it out if there is a chance to :D

    2. Melben seafood the queue is always too long at least 1.5 hrs wait.

      I did a post on it (http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2012/05/ban-leong-wah-hoe-seafood-casuarina.html).

      Last week went back again to try the butter crab. It was yummy and cheap =)