f Four Hundred & Sixty One. -Resorts World Genting Day 1


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Four Hundred & Sixty One. -Resorts World Genting Day 1

May 31, 2012 / , ,


I hope you have seen my video on the Genting trip! :)
I'm finally here to blog about the trip in words & pictures.

We reached Genting Highlands at approximately 1230pm,
waited for a while at the lobby cafe for our hotel check-in.

First World Hotel 

Introducing to you.. Miyo & her mummy.
Look at her cute expression!

taking turns to massage each other. 
This, is love. 

Soon, the check-in procedures were done, & we went up to check-out our rooms
(& also to put down the heavy bags laaaa).

World Club Room for us!

It was so spacious!
Okay, original line-up was two single beds.
But of course, I had to transform it into.......

I hope the hotel staff were not angry when they saw this!!!
I really didnt want to sleep so far away from Mummee.


This bathtub, was one of the highlights for some of us.

There was a sofa in the room as well.
Generally, the room gave us a cozy feel.
Mummee looked so happy once she stepped into the room. :')
It was her first time staying in a hotel room in more than 25 years.
I'm not exaggerating.
My love has not been on a holiday all these decades..
She never pampers herself like this..
All her money, is spent on us, on the family..
I think she would be glad even if our room was half the size..

So anyways, we dropped our stuff & headed for our lunch!

Ming Ren Restaurant for lunch

An oriental restaurant with its specialties in mainly lamb dishes.

Introducing the rest of the bloggers:

Joyce & her mummy. (the super funny pair!)

Miyo & her mummy

Melissa & her mummy

Grace & her mummy
(photo koped from her blog, because the one I took was blur!)

Le me & le Mummee!!
(photo koped from Grace's blog again)

"Unique blend of Cantonese culinary methods and XinJiang's traditional spices and seasonings.."
let's take a look at what they have for us!

1. Boiled Yam & Papaya soup
 Mummee & I both love yam ALOT.
So you can imagine our happy faces as we sipped the soup.

What I loved about this soup is that there was no meat at all!
Yet the soup was sufficiently sweet.

Told Mummee to try cooking it at home next time.

2. Stir-Fried French Beans with Preserved Radish

3. Deep-Fried Seafood Beancurd Served with Thai Chilli Sauce

4. Stir-Fried Scallops with Lily Bulbs, Sweet Corn & Hawaiian Nuts
I liked this dish too!
It was a really good combination. 

5. XinJiang Flavoured Rice Steamed with Lemon Grass, Turmeric, Garlic, Ginger & Shallots.

6. Roasted XinJiang Lamb Leg (RM 140+++)
Tantalizing & succulent, for the meat-lovers, I think you'll love it.

By the way, I took such a looooong time to post up my blog entry because I (had no choice) brought along
a pretty lousy camera.
My canon ixus died on me,

so I just grabbed sis's camera along wimme.
Which means........
I had to edit 99% of the photos.

Look at the before vs after.

Before: no focus at all. one word: BLUR.
okay I will invest in a good camera after I finish paying my uni tuition loan!
back to the fooooood.

7. Spicy Roasted Chicken
The chilli was splendid albeit oily.
Crispy chicken skin, who could resist?!

8. Steamed Estuary Grouper with Red Chilli Padi & Garlic
This was so awesome I wished I could have more of it!!!!
If you are a fish-lover like me, please order this!!

9. Lamb Skewer (RM 8++ per skewer)
This is somehow like the satay that we have, but a magnified version.
I preferred this to the lamb leg. Perhaps it's only because im not a meaty person,
& I found this slightly more tender than the lamb leg. But of course, personal opinion ;)

10. Golden Crispy Fried Prawns with Fruits & Wasabi [RM 32++ (s); RM 60++ (m)]
I really couldnt decide if this was my favourite or the fish.
I loved this too!
Do not be taken aback by the word "wasabi".

Like how Mummee was reluctant to try initially, but eventually glad that she tried & agreed with me that it was awesome!
There was only a tinge of wasabi taste, not the strong kinda that makes you choke,
not at all.
Loved the addition of dragonfruits into the dish!
Very refreshing.

11. Special Xinjiang Almond and Pistachio Ice Cream (RM 10++)

It was slightly more towards the sherbet side than the ice cream side.
Not too creamy like ice-cream. if you get my drift!

An interesting flavour of ice-cream, which I doubt I can find anywhere else!

What a hearty & filling lunch!

It was free & easy time for us, so Joyce, Miyo & myself (& our mums) went to shop around together.

Loved the weather. So chilly & nice!
A good escape from our humid weather. (Dont get me wrong, I love Singapore very much!!)

I tried this fish spa thingy before when I visited Genting for the very first time.
Tried to psycho Mummee to give it a try but she didnt dare to!
Cant deny it was slightly ticklish, but aiya, letting the fish "eat" your dead skin:
they like, & it's good for you. win-win situation!
It really ain't that scary at all!! Good experience :D

arcade. when was the last time I stepped into one??

This elephant is so adorable!!
Cinnamoroll & Dumbo, my favourites.
& I'm still trying to find a nice Cinnamoroll plushie, really want one!!!!
Maybe I'll be able to find one in Hong Kong next time.
This elephant is nowhere like Dumbo I know, but it is still cute!

Halloween in advance?
Nah, he was promoting for the Haunted House in the Indoor Theme Park!

we were a little tired from the walking so we headed back to the hotel for a nap,
because dinner was supposed to start at 730pm.
This is what a getaway is about.
(shop & eat. When you feel tired, just nap,
& continue shopping & eating again!)

This bakery shop was so attractive!
Kinda regret that we didnt went in to chill.
All the bread & pastries looked so delicious.
PLUS, wifi is available there.
(Check out the wifi locations here)

Dinner was next.
This was another highlight of our trip!
The bathtub was one highlight, remember?! ;p

Genting Palace Restaurant

This restaurant serves exquisite Cantonese Cuisine with an excellent ambience.
The main dining hall projects the grandeur of a palatial setting complemented by modern Chinese interior design.
Another oriental feel, which I enjoyed.

The friendly ladies from RWG :)

It was our honour to have Chef Jacky with us at the table,
to answer our queries about the dishes, & to share with us some interesting points.

Friendly chef we have in the house yo!


1. Baked Fresh Oyster with Cheese, Garlic & Fish Roll.

First dish was already LIKE A SHIOK!!!!!

Fresh oysters with the perfectly-baked cheese.

I think my camera really didnt do this dish a justice. 
My camera made it seemed like some average-looking "thingy",
but trust me, it was not.
It was very yummy in fact!

2. Double-boiled Minced Quail Ball with Assorted Fungus (RM 120 for one serving!!)

It takes 5-6 hours to double-boil this.
No MSG, No Shark's Fins in it, at all! 
(that's the restaurant's policy. AWESOMENESS.)

The assorted fungus made this soup really tasty & sweet,
& it was so savory that we didn't want to leave single drop of it unfinished.

I wondered if the quail meat could be replaced with chicken meat though........... 

3. Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper with Pickled Cabbage.
Chef mentioned that this was a rare crossbreed of Tiger Grouper & Giant Grouper Fish.
Soft, fresh & definitely delightful.

Pu-er tea for us.

4. Simmer Spare Ribs with Red Vinasse Sauce 

5. Sauteed White Prawns with Chef Special Sauce

Chef special sauce, 'nuff said.

6. Steamed Yam & Dried Shrimp with Chicken Fried Rice
Truth be told, by then, most of us were 90% full,
but we couldnt resist not trying this at all.
Generous amount of dark sauce & very fragrant indeed.

7. Chilled Moisten Snow Pear with Preserved Date

It was my first time having a light dessert like this.
Very refreshing and soothing for the throat.
Told Mummee to try it next time too! hahhah.

Happy bellies once again!
Mummee was happy, & that made me really happy.
Very very grateful for this trip.. :)

 I will be back to blog about Day 2 & Day 3!
Feeling really sick now.
Til then! :)

  1. Wow, the arcade changed so much. I do not even know what those machines are for.

    1. neither do I ;p hahahah. my impression of arcade is daytona, flintstone, etc.