f Four Hundred & Forty Nine; -- Nakhon Kitchen, Mingfa Fishball Noodles, Itacho Sushi


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Four Hundred & Forty Nine; -- Nakhon Kitchen, Mingfa Fishball Noodles, Itacho Sushi

May 5, 2012 /

It's the weekend!!
Going for some Food Hunt over the weekend?
I'm here to recommend you some places which I discovered recently!

First up: Nakhon Kitchen (Thai food!)

I was craving for thai food, & Beee did a hungrygowhere search,
& tadah, we headed to Nakhon the very next day.

Phadthai Tang Hoon: $6
 LOVES IT!!!!!!!
my favourite among the 4 dishes that we ordered.
The peanut pieces & chilli flakes added a different texture to the dish.
The dish wasnt too oily.
Tasty & generous amount of ingredients.
Would have been better if the serving was slightly bigger.
Greedy is me. ;D
 Tomyum seafood soup (clear): $6
Do not be deceived by this innocent-looking soup,
it was pretty spicy. 
(Not as spicy as Thai Express's though!)
I think most people recommended the thick-based soup,
so if you visit, do try the thick-based, & lemme know whether it really is good!
This tomyum(clear) was just average to me, but to be fair,
the sotong, fish & prawn were fresh.

Pandan chicken (4 pcs): $6

Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves
An unique dish which I've never tried at other restaurants before.
(I heard Ah Loy Thai has really good pandan chicken too!)
The chicken was not overdone, 
& has a tinge of curry powder taste plus a tinge sweetness to it.
If you are health-conscious, do remember to remove the chicken skin & fats found inside the wrap.
Because this is my first time trying, I can't compare;
thus I can't judge if this is one of the best.
But it certainly is a must-try!!

Basil Beef with rice: $6
That egg you see on top of the plain rice?
runny egg yolk + plain rice = already very nice.
hahahh okay but that's not the main point.
The beef slices/pieces were of the right texture.
& I loved the green beans: fresh & green, not soggy at all.

There is always a room for dessert!

Red Ruby: $3
love the red ruby & coconut milk.
Especially shiok since it was a really humid day.
A pity the ice shavings were not smooth,
didnt quite enjoy the big pieces of ice.
Tastewise was good though!

Ambience wise....... not that fantastic.
It's at a neighbourhood estate, you can expect to hear the buses/cars passing by,
& see many passerbys who will be kaypo & stare at what you are eating.
hahahah so I will advise you to take the seats inside if possible (but I dno if it's cool or stuffy inside!)
Service was good!
We went around 2pm on a weekday, & the place was filled.
Nevertheless, we didnt have to wait long for our dishes to be served.
Will want to visit again to try their Green Curry next time!

Nakhon Kitchen
212 Hougang Street 21 #01-341 Singapore, Singapore 530212
(Nearest MRT: Kovan)

They have another outlet in Bedok too: Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3

Next: Itacho Sushi
met up with my uni khakis just yesterday, & we had our dinner at Itacho @ ION.


 not my first visit.
I love the sushi there!
They have this "up to 50% off" promotion daily,
& the previous times that I visited, I had the salmon in soy sauce sushi at $0.40.
loves it!
hahah but other than that, the sushis are more on the costly side.

So this time, I only ordered two dishes.

Steamed egg with crab: $4.20.

nuff' said.

Salmon head in spicy sauce: $4.50 (U.P $7.60)
which lady will eat salmon head in public?
Yours sincerely.
The "tak glam" me.
The sauce wasnt really spicy though, it was more on the salty side :/

 Itacho Sushi
2 Orchard Turn, #B2-18 ION Orchard, Singapore.

Looking for supper locations?
Mingfa Fishball Noodles for you!
The last time I blogged about it, I didnt have a photo of it because I gobbled it down too quickly.

Now, here is a picture of the awesome bakchormee.

MingFa Fishball
246B Upper Thomson Road

Alrighty! These are the recommendations I have for you.
Ending off with some other random food pictures ;D

MANGO, at 2am on a random day.
Pure bliss.

 Had an appointment at Prive Cafe @ Marina Keppel Bay some days back.
My first visit to Prive was on Valentine's Day,
& this place has a reallllly nice ambience.

Beef noodles at Food Opera @ Ion.

I have a list of places which I wanna visit:
-Five & Dime
-Food for Thought
-Riders' Cafe
-Strictly Pancake

tell me, tell me!!
okay im ending here. Have a good weekend!! :)

  1. Lovely spread of food and am drooling over those spicy dishes. The pandan wrapped chicken is another of fav.

    1. Thank you for reading :) I want to try pandan chicken at other places too!

  2. Hello Shine,

    The Phadthai Tang Hoon looks really yummy. Do you happen to have a recipe of this please? Thanks.

    1. Hi there!

      I had it at Nakhon Kitchen, so sorry but nope I dont have the recipe. :)