f Four Hundred & Fifty Three -Lee Cooper Summer Show 2012


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Four Hundred & Fifty Three -Lee Cooper Summer Show 2012

May 11, 2012 / ,

Credits to: Vogue Photography

Did a fashion show for Lee Cooper @ Avalon 3 weeks back.

  Credits to: Lee Cooper Singapore 

Lee Cooper Summer Show 2012

 Credits to: Lee Cooper Singapore 

First-time experience of Avalon ladies' night
  Credits to: Lee Cooper Singapore 

Let's take a look at the behind-the-scene photos!
(Photos credit to Yvonne, Lee Cooper Singapore & Vogue Photography)
The awesome hairstylist.
He styled my hair for Cleo's shoot too! 

our clothes for the show

the hardworking stylists!

we addressed Clemens as: Captain America. 



mugger mode on because it was his exam period. 

Yvonne, being retarded wimme.
Thank for being so steady!! 

with my partner for the night, meet the young boy, Benjamin. hahah

A lot of retarded faces for me, I know.

Cheyne suggested that we head to the entrance to take some photos together

& so we did! love these 2 photos.

Group photos before the show

& the show began!

I think I looked like I was about to take off & fly away.
Credits to: Vogue Photography

 & then I looked so fierce in this photo

There were a total of 3 outfits for us, 
so it was 3 sets of walks, plus one finale.

happy faces!

Enjoyed myself both on stage & off stage,
with these fun-loving peeps.

Glad to be part of the team for this show! :)

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