f Four Hundred & Fifty Five -Mummee's Day Celebration! :)


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Four Hundred & Fifty Five -Mummee's Day Celebration! :)

May 18, 2012 / ,

Mother's Day celebration was at 
Wan Chai HongKong Tea Room @ Sembawang Shopping Centre :)
Sis & I decided to bring Mummee out for lunch instead of dinner because
we thought it would not be as crowded,
& yes, we were right!

In bro-in-law's lorry!

I suggested this place because I saw it the last time I had a gathering at Aston.
with my two precious :)

bro-in-law & Kaitlyn

the 3 of them looked so alike, i always say that. hahah

I love this photo, so sweet :)

While waiting for food......

photography fail. finger blocked the camera. hahahh.

Wan Chai Fried Rice
Fatty pork spotted. I guess that was why the fried rice had the extra fragrance.
It didnt felt that oily though. a simple plate of fried nice, which tasted good enough!

XO Sauce Seafood E-Noodles
Generous serving of noodles.
I like the sauce. Cant really find a word to describe.
 I'll definitely order this again if I visit Wan Chai again.

Fried Brinjal with minced meat (i cant recall the exact name)
The brinjal was slightly crunchy because it was fried,
thus it wasnt the kind of soggy brinjal you may expect.
The minced meat sauce was a lil' salty though.
My sis's favourite dish among all.

Claypot roast duck with yam
An interesting combi!
I loved the yam in it. The gravy was really tasty,
but I really disliked how the duck meat was so "unchewable".
Had sucha tough time biting on the meat!!

Fried Beancurd (they called it 金沙 something)
Crispy on the outside, soft inside.
But it was too salty for my liking.
You can even bite onto big pieces of salt.
I guess that is why it's named as 金沙. :)
People who like salty food, you can try this!

Total bill amounted to $52.
We felt that the dishes were pretty good.
It seemed like a normal hongkong restaurant, & the food didnt looked good at first glance.
But we were proven wrong.
The next time I visit SSC, if the Aston queue is ridiculously long,
I'll pop by Wan Chai anytime ;)

my #ootd.
Dress: Self-manufactured Dress from Fine-find 
Watch: Casio Sheen

The dress is really comfy!

Available in 4 colours.
Grab yours now!!

Green eyeshadow to match the turquoise dress :)

& so.. for dinner,
Chef Koh cooked!
Yes, that's me!

tried to arrange them in heart shapes. hahahah

Fried fish with chilli + tomato sauce,
Brocolli & mushrooms with oyster sauce (added cashew nuts & they loved it!),
Cereal prawns (which didnt turn out the way I wanted
because I forgot the butter & the flour was slightly too thick. not of the right texture.
Nevermind, second attempt shall be better!)
I didnt have any recipe.
Impromptu dishes that I came up with right after lunch when we went Sheng Shiong to shop.
So when I cooked, it was according to "feel".
HAHAH, no exact measurements of the ingredients.
Follow Mummee's style :D

Mummee was happy, that made me even happier :)
Look at my loves!!

Happy Mummee's Day!
All that I have to say to her, it's written here :)

P.S this is so surreal, but im heading to Genting with Mummee for 3D2N this coming week!!!!!!
Thanks to OMY. So so happy!!! She deserves this holiday! :)

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